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Is Porter Finance Regulated?

Porter Finance
Min. Deposit: $200
Min. Investment: $5
Signals: No
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Not available
USA: Not available
  1. Porter Finance

    Porter Finance, a newly established binary options broker opened their doors for investors in  2014 onwards. Many investors who are closely monitoring the progress of Porter Finance are often seen asking “Is Porter Finance regulated?”

    A simple answer to the question is a ‘no’. However, the understanding of US CFTC laws that is presented by Porter Finance is definitely commendable, being much more authentic and clear compared to several other established binary options trading companies.

    Porter Finance clearly understands and abides by the laws of CFTC, which many regulated brokers are not able to and while many abide by the regulation laws through completely shunning US traders, PorterFinance on the other hand, accepts traders from US with open arms.

    This is not the only feature that makes Porter Finance lay ahead of other brokers rather the amazing minimum deposit limit and the bonuses and perks offered to different tier account holders is an additional advantage that Porter Finance offers its investors compared to many other regulated brokers.

    The platform uses PandaTS base, offering investors a simple and easy to use format where they can trade at a minimum size of $10 in five different currencies. Maximum payout is 83%, whereas the assets list of Porter Finance boasts more than 200 assets to trade with included commodities, currencies, stocks and indices.  

    cftcThe non PorterFinance regulated status is further compensated with different account types that offer variations in minimum deposit amount and bonuses, every trader can select the account type that suits their investment amount and expertise level. Different bonuses are also offered with each account type facilitating traders offering everyone to choose and find something that suits their requirement.

    The availability of a demo account adds in additionally, as every account holder can avail the service and experience readily what it is like to trade in a real market. Not only does the demo account better prepare traders, they are at a much better position to understand the trading market and invest on trades that deliver profit.

    The options for depositing and withdrawing amount from trader accounts is also varied and users can choose from a wide options including credit/debit cards, wire transfers, and a long list of ewallet services. Any larger amount requires to be transferred using wire transfer after paying fees. This though is not anything big in terms of what traders have to face with other brokers as much worse has been experienced, whereas Porter Finance just requires traders to withdraw larger amounts via wire transfers.

    With every page secured with SSL security and perfect recognition and compliance with the CFTC regulations, the non Porter Finance regulation status no longer stays a concern for traders.


    Are There Porter Finance Complaints?

    Porter Finance complaints are a non existent factor, as besides gaining the reputation of being a  reliable and legit binary options broker in many countries worldwide. Porter Finance demonstrates perfect understanding of different laws and regulations, eliminating the chances of any complaints that may arise.

    Even though this broker is not regulated, however they very well understand the CFTC guidelines for USA traders in wake of binary options trading. Binary options trading is legally allowed for US traders and respecting the regulation of US laws, Porter Finance allow traders from US to access its services. PorterFinance completely understands the regulatory concerns and thus chances of complaints arising in this regard are non existent.

    The variation of different currencies offered by Porter Finance and the various deposit methods further make it easy to trade with the brokers eliminating chances of any hardship faced along the process. Additionally since every page of Porter Finance site is secured using SSL security, no complaints in regards to safety issues has ever been experienced as well.

    After search performed online and otherwise, no Porter Finance complaints were found. However, in case if a trader has a query or wants to inquire more details related to any feature or in general, Porter Finance support desk is available 24/7 to be accessed via emails or live chat feature.

    logo-porterfinanceTraders can also benefit from the training sources and ebook offered to account holders by Porter Finance, while using the Rollover, Double up or Buy me Out options traders can easily control their trades. All these offers and several successful trades up its sleeves there is no chance that any PorterFinance complaints may arise in normal consequences.

    However, since complaints are not an uncommon occurrence, there could be a complaint seen in future perhaps, however to date PorterFinance has successfully managed to stay trustworthy!

    Porter Finance USA

    Operated by Running Forest Partners LTD, a London based company; Porter Finance is one of the best binary options brokers that do accept US accounts. Operated by a group of experienced binary trading professionals, Porter Finance USA deals in 5 different currencies including USD, CAD, GBP, AUD and EUR. The minimum deposit limit is $200 whereas the minimum trade size is $10 exceeding to a maximum of $2,500.

    Maximum payout is 83%, whereas an up to 10% out of money refund is allowed. Porter Finance USA offers more than 200 different assets for traders all over the world to trade in, except Turkey and Israel. And yes, US traders are allowed.

    The process of starting trading with Porter Finance USA is very easy and simple. The very first step is to create an account with Porter Finance and fill in all required information in the signup form. Next to have to fund your account and make a deposit of at least $200.

    The Porter Finance USA Beginner account starts with a total of $250, in which a welcoming 30% bonus is added to the initial deposit. The trader of this account is provided a trading book and weekly reviews of the market.

    The Standard account which is the second tier of account available with Porter Finance USA starts of at a minimum balance of $750, including a welcoming 40% bonus, trading eBook, trading strategy, academy membership and weekly and daily market reviews.


    Members ready to deposit a least $1000 or more own a Porter Finance Executive account, which includes 75% welcome bonus, along with all different features that members of beginner and standard accounts receive. Additionally executive members also are given membership of the VIP academy 5 risk free trades, 3 trading strategies and training of money management.

    For deposits of or exceeding $100,000 the highest account tier is reached making the member owner of a VIP account. One thing to remember with all account types is that bonuses come with some sort of terms attached with them and it is suggested that before accepting a bonus, be sure to carefully go through all terms and conditions. For those who require withdrawing money on a timely fashion, avoiding bonuses may be a good idea.

    Lastly, the withdrawal process of Porter Finance USA is very simple and straighforward.  Since many other brokers demand a minimum withdrawal amount of $100, Porter Finance minimum withdrawal amount rests at $30 only, which is rather refreshing. This minimum amount however is for credit/debit and eWallet withdrawals as wire transfers minimum amount of withdrawal is $100.

    The only one restriction that exists with Porter Finance is that if you are using credit/debit cards or electronic wallet services, they can be used to withdraw amounts equaling or less than the deposited amount. Any excess amount is required to be withdrawn via wire transfers only.

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