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BinaryOnline Broker Review

Min. Deposit: $250
Min. Investment: $5
Signals: No
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Not available
USA: Not available
  1. BinaryOnline

    With the constant influx of new brokers on the global market, it can be tricky to spot the ones which provide more than the standard services.

    Yet, BinaryOnline is one such broker. Owned by a Bulgarian company Zola Ltd, this broker offers a variety of trading tools and features as well as several types of trading account.

    To provide interested traders around the globe all the details we have prepared a BinaryOnline broker review.

    BinaryOnline General Info

    Variety is the spice of life and while this proverb rings true in general, it can just as easily be applied to BinaryOnline. They offer their registered traders plenty of interesting possibilities to achieve attractive profits.

    They go by the industry average with their deposit of $250. Their minimum trade investment is $25 however, that drops drastically with their Hyper options which are set at only $5.

    GBP, USD and EUR are currencies available for making deposits while maximum returns may go up to 81% as is indicated on their website.

    BinaryOnline Platform and Trading Features

    The logical next step in our BinaryOnline broker review is a closer inspection of their trading platform and features it offers.

    We found they make use of the popular and well-known Panda TS software. As a result, BinaryOnline has a modern and dynamic trading platform with a fantastic list of available trade options.

    The range of trade options include High/Low, Hyper, One Touch, Range Options but also Copy and Social trading as well.

    All BinaryOnline traders also get to pair the trade options with long, medium and short expiry times like End of the Year, End of the Week, End of the Day, 1h, 30 min, 15 min, 5 min, 2 min, 60 sec and 30 sec.

    Further, BinaryOnline also has a fine selection of over 100 underlying assets arranged in the standard categories of commodities, stocks, currencies and indices.

    As already pointed out in our BinaryOnline broker review, copy and social trading are also possibilities registered traders can use. These options are gaining more and more popularity of late as they provide even novice traders with the possibility to be successful from the very start.

    However, social and copy trading can be useful even if traders have experience as it is always clever to monitor what other traders are doing and benefit from it.

    Unsurprisingly, with a modern broker like BinaryOnline, global traders have the opportunity to use a mobile trading app, which enables trading on the go.

    The trading platform available on their mobile app is a carbon copy of the one available as a desktop version.

    BinaryOnline mobile app is suitable to be used on Android and iOS devices alike and it can be downloaded for free from Google Play and App Store respectively.

    BinaryOnline trading platform is available in Turkish and English.

    Additionally, this is also one of the supported binary brokers with Binary Options Robot which also provides traders with the opportunity to do auto trading. Binary Options Robot, the best auto robot in 2016, provides traders with a VIP account and features which can boost the chance for profit considerably.

    BinaryOnline Trading Account Types

    It is customary to have several different trading account types offered by binary brokers. This is applicable to BinaryOnline. In our BinaryOnline broker review, we determined four different account types global traders can choose from.

    Additionally, they also provide the Islamic Account which is tailored specifically for Muslim traders and which follows the rules of Sharia Law.

    According to available information, it appears demo account is not an option as of yet.

    BinaryOnline Takeoff Account

    •    Minimum deposit $250 – $2499
    •    Customer support 24/7
    •    Email alerts
    •    Daily market news & updates
    •    Access to Winners Corner and various webinars

    BinaryOnline Standard Account

    •    Minimum deposit $2500 – $9999
    •    Customer support 24/7  
    •    Email alerts
    •    Daily market news & updates
    •    Access to Winners Corner and webinars
    •    Personal trading expert  
    •    A 2-week access to signals free of charge

    BinaryOnline Premium Account

    •    Minimum deposit $10000 – $49999
    •    Customer support 24/7
    •    Email alerts
    •    Daily market news & updates
    •    Access to Winner Corner and webinars
    •    Personal trading expert
    •    A 3-week access to signals free of charge
    •    10 risk-free trades
    •    Live trading with a professional
    •    Higher profits

    BinaryOnline Elite Trading Account

    •    Minimum deposit $50,000+
    •    Elite trading account provides exceptional packages to give traders the highest possible quality of trading
    •    For detailed information about this account traders are advised to contact BinaryOnline team

    BinaryOnline Customer Support Service

    For a well-rounded BinaryOnline broker review, we also inspected their customer support service.

    This binary broker offers an organised support service which traders around the world can contact using several channels of communication.

    Live chat, phone as well as email and even a web form are all available.

    For traders who wish to use the phone, UK and Australia numbers are available while for those who want to use email they can do so at [email protected]

    BinaryOnline has support services organised to cover the period of 24h throughout the whole week so traders always have agents on hand to help.

    We also realised their whole website is brimming with great information concerning binary options trading process and the particularities concerning BinaryOnline.

    There is also a detailed FAQ section as well as a Winners Corner which contains further educational materials like binary options eBook and financial market updates as well as other info.

    BinaryOnline Banking Info

    The last section in our BinaryOnline broker review is dedicated to their banking policy.

    Information available confirms that they comply with the KYC policy and there is a clear Terms & Conditions section as well as Privacy policy interested traders can study in detail.

    Due to KYC policy traders will be asked to submit documents such as a copy of the ID as a proof or identity as well as some additional documents.

    For deposits and withdrawals, traders worldwide have several choices:

    •    Bank Wire
    •    Credit/Debit cards including Visa and MasterCard

    By logging in to their account, traders can click on My Account and then withdrawals.

    Three to five business days will be necessary for the withdrawal process to be completed depending on the account type traders hold. $100 is the minimum withdrawal for credit/debit cards and a fee of $25 is charged.

    $250 is the minimum amount for withdrawals and a fee of $50 is a withdrawal fee.

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