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FX-Advisor Review

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Brokers available with FX-Advisor
  1. In this FX-Advisor review, we will introduce our readers to this interesting new service that connects the traders with the broker that is the best for their country. This way, traders can be sure that they are depositing with a broker that is a top choice. FX-Advisor is connecting only to regulated and licensed brokers which is always a good thing, and preferred way of trading. We encourage trading with regulated brokers only.

    FX-Advisor claims they only connect with brokers who offer popular assets like cryptocurrencies, forex, indices, and who have a free demo account. They also consider the type of trading platform offered, as well as account types before making the connection. Such approach allows traders to utilize their efforts.

    If you want to find out more about FX-Advisor service, make sure to read the review that follows.

    FX-Advisor Account Types

    We all want to get the most for our money, and online trading is no different. Traders want to have custom-made accounts that will fit their needs and trading style. Also, they don’t want to waste their time and money on scam brokers.

    Many brokers in the industry understand this but fail to deliver the appropriate level of service. Some brokers only offer a single account type and don’t offer anything extra if you make a large deposit. Others have several account types, but only the most expensive ones have all the features necessary for optimum trading experience. It is easy to understand how all this can make traders give up in their search for a good broker.

    Luckily, FX-Advisor managed to find brokers that have reasonable minimum deposit limits (never over $250) and who offer a variety of account types. This is important, as professionals and beginners have different requirements. This way, you can be sure you will be able to find an account that suits you, and not overspend.

    FX-Advisor Demo

    FX-Advisor also suggests only brokers who have a free demo account. The demo account is a virtual trading account with virtual money. The trades are placed on a platform that looks exactly like the real trading interface. However, you don’t risk any money but only make virtual investments. Why would you want to use a demo if you can’t make money on it? Well, a demo account is an irreplaceable learning tool.

    New traders usually use the demo account to learn how to place the trade and get familiar with the platform without having to trade with real money. Experts use the demo account to test the results of their analysis and see how their strategies work. Good demo accounts still stream live market data, and this experience of trading without investing is of great importance.

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    FX-Advisor Platforms

    A platform is a place where trading takes place. It contains several important elements:

    • Trading chart
    • Asset list
    • Trading amount
    • Trading buttons

    It also offers additional information like leverage, balance, trading time, etc. FX-Advisor understands that traders prefer versatile trading, so they connect them only to popular brokers that have a diversified portfolio, including cryptocurrencies.

    As always, not every trader has the same needs or aspirations. It is of crucial importance to understand how there is no single platform that will be suitable for all traders. Every trader must make a decision and select a platform they considered to be the best.

    Brokers available via FX-Advisor usually offer more than one platform type.

    Web Trader

    This platform type is most suitable for beginners. It is straightforward and simple. Also, brokers often have guides on how to use them. These platforms operate in an intuitive way. You can use them simply by accessing them via your preferred web browser, so you don’t have to download anything or worry whether or not you downloaded the right version.

    Web trader platforms usually offer some tools and features you can apply prior to trading. Thanks to this holistic approach they are the top choice for those entering online trading, but professionals tend to use them as well.


    MetaTrader4 is one of the most popular platforms, delivered by the company MetaQuotes. MetaQuotes has been specialized in developing an online trading platform for 20 years. MetaTrader4 is the top choice for more experienced traders all over the world. The main reason why experienced users love this platform is the number of tools and features they get at their disposal. Also, there are some special services and features like Expert Advisors you can use with this platform.

    Metatrader4 or MT4 platform comes in different “shapes and sizes”. You can download a mobile or desktop version, use the web version, but also select the right platform for your operating system.

    Mobile App

    Mobile trading is taking over! Mobile apps allow traders to trade whenever, wherever. Once you have installed the trading app, you will have all your trades in your pocket and can access them when you find convenient. Mobile trading is popular among both beginners and experts as it offers more freedom than ever before. It also helps you utilize market news immediately, and to open and close trades when you find the time is right.

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    FX-Advisor Customer Support and Education

    Education is often the neglected the aspect of online trading, but FX-Advisor understands its importance. For this reason, this service will connect you only to brokers who offer great educational materials, exclusive webinars, and e-books and will support you every step of the way.

    Of course, variety is the key. These brokers will offer you an exclusive chance to participate in webinars, watch videos, read special e-books, and more important – to filter the materials available to fit your needs and level of knowledge. It is important to combine these educational materials with the demo account to get optimum results.

    FX-Advisor will also send you emails with important market news that will help you increase your level of knowledge and become the trader you always wanted to be.

    Many traders don’t understand the importance of customer support either, but it is more than relevant. Professional customer support will jump in when you need assistance the most. They won’t tell you have to trade or when to trade, but they will help you when you can’t load the platform, have to file a withdrawal request, want to verify your account or need more info on a specific aspect of trading.

    Customer support can be reached in various ways: by sending an email, making a phone call or via live chat.

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    FX-Advisor Deposit and Withdrawal

    Nowadays talking about money is considered to be a taboo. In this case, there is nothing wrong with knowing how your money is handled and who is in charge. For this reason, FX-Advisor found brokers who are licensed and regulated. This ensures traders how they are trading with brokers who meet all legal obligations and procedures. Also, these brokers are fair and transparent. You won’t find any hidden fees or commissions. Everything you need to know is in Terms and Conditions written in a concise way. Nothing is left to misinterpretations and manipulations.

    Trading with these brokers brings transparent policies, reasonable trading conditions, withdrawals processed in a timely manner, user-friendly deposit and withdrawal methods in a number of currencies.

    Is FX-Advisor a Scam?

    After writing this FX-Advisor review, we can conclude how this service is not a scam, but a reliable service that will help you find a broker that fits your needs. You won’t have to waste your time looking for a broker, FX-Advisor did that for you. FX-advisor is a genius solution for everyone who wants to trade with reliable brokers and build their trading career step by step – in a transparent and safe environment. Make sure to utilize everything this service has to offer.

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