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How to Become a Succesful Trader in Binary Options?

How to Become a Succesful Trader in Binary Options?

This is probably one of the first questions traders around the globe ask themselves once they decide to start trading binary options – how to become a successful trader in binary options?

And, it is the right question since all traders who wish to trade binary options do so with one goal in mind – high returns on trades they carried out.

In order to help global traders in honing their binary options trading skills, we have decided to put together a list of useful advice, tips and tricks.


 Useful Tips and Tricks on How to Become a Successful Trader in Binary Options

Below, traders will find some general instruction, advice and tips which can lend a helping hand in their binary options trading journey on becoming a successful binary options trader.

Proper Mindset

Going into any sort of new business dealings demands a proper mindset. Traders worldwide who do not set a realistic goal will end up being sorely disappointed.

Our advice is to start with a goal where traders wish to make a profit of 10%.


This is realistic, attainable goal which requires up to three trades. With a starting goal such as this one, of 10% daily profit and a deposit of $250 it is perfectly possible to have a profit of $10,000 over a period of 3 months.

Avoid Over-Trading

Another way on how to become a successful trader in binary options is to know when to stop. Therefore, traders worldwide should impose a limit on how many trades they carry out daily or within a week.

It is easy to fall into a trap of over-trading, especially when losses happen and traders wish to counteract it.

But sticking to a plan made before the start of the trading process is the best course of action in the long run.


Most Profitable Expiry Times

Another common mistake binary traders often do is to start trading immediately in short expiry times since those are very tempting due to their high payout possibilities.

And while the possibility of fine profit with short term expiry times are attainable it is also fact that those trades are more risky and more losses happen in short expiry times.

Instead, traders may first start to trade with expiry times such as 1 hour or 30 minutes until they gain more trading experience.

Patience is a Virtue

While over-night success is a possibility, learning on how to be patient is both a skill and a virtue binary options traders should acquire.

Global traders who are looking to trade binary options should always go for either a low or a peak when they are gearing up to place a trade.

That way, trading process will be carried out with more confidence as being either close to the peak or at the bottom provides traders with more chance of having a profitable trade.


Guiding Point Element

Another great way on how to become a successful trader in binary options is to figure out the so called guiding point. By this we refer to binary trading graphs.

Traders should observe closely the 2 hour graph trend when carrying out trades for one hour option. One minute graph should be used as a guide for the “wait” or “bid”.

E.g. If traders notice a downtrend on the 2 hour graph they should also check out a 1 minute graph too.

If that indicates the downtrend they traders can go and bid. If it is showing and uptrend then traders ought to wait before is starts pointing to a downtrend before any trading activity takes place.

Set a Trading Amount

Never put all your eggs in one basket is a sage advice which all those who are hoping to become a successful trader in binary options should take to heart.

Firstly, aspiring binary options traders worldwide should start with a deposit they feel comfortable with. The same goes for the amount of money they wish to invest in a certain trade.

Traders should set an amount they wish to deposit per month and the amount they wish to trade daily or weekly.

Becoming a successful trader in binary options is a combination of fine tuning, experience, knowledge and patience. It is challenging and it will have it ups and down but being persistent and willing to learn and observe what is happening on the market will help greatly.

_0053_robot_toon_character-47Another path open to traders is to first start with automated binary options trading as that may alleviate some of the anxiety traders might feel.

With automated binary options trading which place trades on behalf of traders, trading is done based on trading signals calculated by mathematical algorithms.

Binary Options Robot, a rewarded automated binary trading software, can be a perfect way to both observe the trading process and learn from it until global traders reach the point where they feel comfortable enough to venture into manual binary options trading.


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How to Become a Succesful Trader in Binary Options?