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Tradorax Minimum Deposit

Min. Deposit: $250
Min. Investment: $25
Signals: No
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Not available
USA: Not available
  1. Tradorax

    Tradorax brokerage company is present on binary options market since 2012. For the past couple of years, they are considered to be a trustworthy broker who offers traders safe platform for trading binary options.

    Tradorax minimum deposit is set to $250, which is a competitive amount in binary industry.

    Tradorax uses TechFinancials software, that offers a number of trading options such as High/Low, Boundary, One Touch and other short term options. The returns on trades done can reach a maximum of 85% on the platform, which is a relatively high figure compared to the newly formed status of the platform. Also, Tradorax offers its members a wide currency pairs selection with both minor and major cross involving USD, EUR, GBP and JPY.

    When Tradorax minimum deposit and other lucrative offerings are given to members there is bound to be doubts and researches on the authenticity of the brokers. The internet is full of comments and experiences of the platform and those who have actually experienced the trading activities of Tradorax seldom ever are heard of saying anything against it. It is essential to mention at this point that whenever a trader opens an account with a binary broker, always read the full instructions given on the site as problems can occur owing to non awareness of the site’s rules and regulations.

    With 24option minimum deposit, traders will get access to their trading platform where they can start binary trading journey. They have on disposal to use a variety of available education materials and trading lessons, that can largely contribute in having a profitable trading experience.


    Tradorax Demo Account

    Tradorax owing to its phenomenal success in a short span of time has managed to gain the status of a reliable and secure binary options trading platform. The features offered along with the variety of assets and the bonuses sum up together to offer the best binary trading experience to traders worldwide. Some new traders are often out looking for Tradorax demo account to know better about the trading platform; however this facility is yet not made available to Tradorax traders.

    The operational platform of Tradorax speaks abound about the working of the TechFinancials platform and the easy to use, simple user interface completely eliminates the need of Tradorax demo account. All processes including depositing and withdrawal of payments are fairly easy procedures requiring only legal documents to be made available before the payments are transferred safely. Other reasons that render Tradorax demo account to be useless is the detailed explanation of all terms and conditions and legalities explained on the site.

    logo-tradoraxAdditionally, Tradorax offers three very basic instruments of trading including Touch or No Touch, traditional High and low and boundary choices. Also supplements include other options such as varieties of 60 seconds and One Touch trade option. Tradorax payoffs vary usually ranging from 70% to 80%, reaching a maximum of 89%. Different loss rebates are specified for various assets and no complicated downloads are required either. All in all the process of trading on Tradorax is as simple and easy as can be and the need for a demo account does not exist at all.

    It is owed to this transparency and simple user interface that Tradorax platform is considered as being one of the best binary trading options brokers online. With the option of customizing the platform according to yourself, selection of assets from a wide selection is very simple and the 0% slippage is also an opportunity as you can almost instantly start to trade.

    And if all this is not enough to know much about the Tradorax platform, the incredible customer support is available 24 hours, 6 days a week to handle any query or question a user may have. The answering time is almost instant and thus no blockage exists between users’ questions and their appropriate solutions. Even though many binary platforms offer a demo of their platform operations, however Tradorax demo account was not introduced owing to the already transparent operations of the platform.

    How to Withdraw Funds from Tradorax?

    Tradorax withdrawal and deposit are an easy and transparent processes where traders can safely make money transactions with Tradorax. It is important to mention that all required verification documents should also be submitted, at the time of deposit and withdrawals as well.

    screenshot-tradoraxTradorax withdrawal process is a safe, simple and secure as funds can be withdrawn whenever the account holder wants. Withdrawals are always initially forwarded to the first source of deposit. For example, if you have used credit card to fund your account, your withdrawn amount will also come back the same way. In case the money cannot be paid back through the same source initially funded by, the funds can be transferred to bank account of the same name as the account holder. Tradorax offers bonuses to its account holders which are automatically added to the traders’ account, however in case of withdrawal any pending bonus that is outstanding or yet not added to the account balance is canceled.

    Tradorax withdrawals require verification process to be complete before any withdrawal amount is converted. Also in compliance with the regulations of anti money laundering, Tradorax can only transfer funds to a bank account of the original Tradorax account holder only, bearing the same name. Methods of Tradorax withdrawal are the same as of deposit however amount equivalent to the initial deposit amount can only be withdrawn via credit/debit, bank wire or UCash method.

    Minimum withdrawal amount is $100 and one withdrawal per month is free of charge. For additional withdrawal in the same month, fee will be charged $25.

    Tradorax withdrawal and deposit procedures are very simple provided all verification documents are provided to them. The TechFinancials platform combined with all the special features and easy deposit and withdrawal procedures allow users a smooth and reliable binary options trading experience anytime, anywhere with Tradorax.

    Tradorax Mobile App

    Tradorax mobile app is the recent addition in the much coveted binary trading platform of Tradorax. Making Tradorax app available to Android and Apple users, now traders from all over the world can enjoy trading anytime, anywhere they wish to.

    Tradorax mobile is the best way to stay in constant touch with all your trading activities offering better chances of staying informed thus enhanced opportunity to earn regular profits.


    Tradorax mobile app is as easy as the internet platform of Tradorax and through employing the latest technology; the app is made as secure and safe for your trades as on the Tradorax website. The Tradorax mobile app is just another addition to the already feature loaded platform of Tradorax, who continuously strive to offer a safe trading experience to binary traders worldwide. You can use the

    Tradorax app in both ways if you are an existing member or want to become one. The app offers all information about your previous trades and their records, while you can also start new trades via your app.

    Tradorax in a very short span of time has managed to gain the status of trustworthy binary broker that even established brokers have not managed to earn after years in the industry. Tradorax app allows trading of more than 100 assets in real time and zero slippage offers the opportunity of not missing on any potential trade ever.

    Tradorax mobile trading allows traders worldwide to place trades with a large collection of features offered by the platform including wide assets choices comprising of commodities, currency pairs, stocks and indices, payoff ratios racing from 70% to 89% maximum, specific assets on which rebates are offered, market support tools, a variety of payment methods, secure and safe withdrawal and deposit transactions, compliance with the most strict standards of regulations and an efficient customer support service.

    In the world of internet where most binary options brokers are thought of as being scams are frauds, Tradorax has built and maintained a position that is exemplary, especially for such a young aged broker company. Binary options industry supports no one and until and unless trade rules are defined in the perfect way, no trader or broker can translate trading activities into profits. Tradorax mobile app is just another addition in the Tradorax feature showcase, facilitating traders to trust and engage in trading via the platform. There is no stopping the broker from reaching the heights of the binary options trading and continuously transparent business conduct.

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