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Are There Any Tradorax Complaints?

Min. Deposit: $250
Min. Investment: $25
Signals: No
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Not available
USA: Not available
  1. Tradorax

    As a relatively new trading platform, Tradorax has in no time earned the status of a reliable and trustworthy binary options trading company online and the biggest witness of this fact is the absence of Tradorax complaints. The high tech trading platform seldom ever will offer anyone to complain about the trading done through this platform. Also, Tradorax complaints regarding deposits, withdrawals and bonuses besides other petty matters are non existent.

    Although, Tradorax is not regulated by the CySec, however all its dealings are transparent eliminating chances of any scam or complaints to arise at all. All the legal notifications of Tradorax are present on the site right opposite to trading links. It is however recommended that before any trader starts trading via any platform, always read the terms and conditions very carefully along with all legal information as well.

    Terms and conditions of Tradorax are openly available for every trader and the need is only to go through them thoroughly and understand all requirements before engaging in trading activity. The transparent legal dealing of Tradorax is a very big determinant of finding no Tradorax complaints from account holders.

    After detailed analysis of different forums and review sites online, no complaints were found that proposed that Tradorax was either a scam or fraud or a platform from which traders should stay away from. Rather many traders were found to be rather contended by the earnings they managed to gather via the Tradorax platform.

    Tradorax TechFinancials platform ensures that the experience traders have stands apart others in the industry. Traders may run across several binary options brokers that offer a platform both easy to use and simple to follow however, Tradorax reaches another level of professionalism and class. In addition the great tools of trading add on to making the experience of trading a satisfactory one for everyone trading via the Tradorax platform. The platform is available to be used several different languages, making its use further easier to be used. So far, we haven’t received reports of any Tradorax complaints.


    Tradorax Bonus

    Tradorax has soon managed to gain a reputation among the few binary brokers that actually accept USA traders and to top it off the Tradorax bonus offered with its different account tiers provide a comprehensive package for seasoned and novice traders alike. Besides gathering an array of different traders from around the world, the broker offers the best opportunities linked with binary options trading.

    The minimum deposit amount to open an account with Tradorax is $250 whereas bonuses are kept boundless with no maximum bonus limit. With the option of using four distinct currencies including JPY, USD, EUR and GBP or equivalent in local currency, Traders can start binary trading with a minimum investment of $24 only.  Tradorax offers a maximum of 85% return to traders.

    Tradorax bonus is offered in packages based on the type of account a trader chooses to enter the platform with. Tradorax platform offers 6 distinct types of account for traders all having the same minimum account deposit limit however the bonuses offered with every account vary. Traders can choose the account type that suits them and start trading on the platform. The six account types include:

    • Tradorax Mini Trading Account
    • Tradorax Silver Trading Account
    • Tradorax Gold Trading Account
    • Tradorax VIP Trading Account
    • Tradorax Saving Trading Account  
    • Tradorax Self Managed Trading Account

    Mini Account

    In this account the minimum deposit limit, like every other account is $250 whereas bonuses include access to education centre, trading lessons for beginners and personal broker services once every week.

    Silver Account

    Tradorax bonus offered in this account include access to education centre, extra 2% for every trade engaged in, trading lessons for beginners and intermediate level traders, personal broker services twice a week, trading signals and a 0.5% cash back service.

    Gold Account

    This account offers almost the same bonuses as in silver however at enhanced percentages. For example instead of 2%, this account offers 3% on engaged trades, access to education centre, intermediate and beginner level trading lessons, personal broker services thrice a week, 1% cash back service, trading signals and 1 risk free trade per month.

    VIP Account

    This account offers traders 2 risk free trades every month, trading signals, personal broker services four times a week, 2% cash back services, advanced and intermediate level trading lessons, 4% extra on trades engaged in and access to education centre.

    Saving & Self Managed Account

    Details and offerings of these accounts can be taken through contacting customer support representative at any time. Your personal broker will get in touch with you and offer details of the account.

    The Tradorax bonus offerings are no doubt an extra advantage on the already reliable and profitable platform of Tradorax, that can lead to high profits when trading binary options.

    Tradorax Login

    screenshot-tradoraxTradorax is an exemplary online binary options broker who offers easy to use processes from Tradorax login to the withdrawal of funds. The platform of Tradorax is considered to be an excellent one, since this broker uses TechFinancials software. Besides offering an easy to use platform, the zero slippage offers is an added advantage as in other platforms, by the time you click the buy button the price has already changed.

    The list of assets offered by Tradorax is also extensive and the Tradorax login, account creation, deposits and withdrawal procedures are as well. The platform rates high on security offering maximum safety to members on every deposit and withdrawal. For more on Tradorax login process, check below.

    Customer support is equally up to mark and the professional staff with a trading background is all equipped to cater to the needs of the new and polished trader on Tradorax.

    When traders make Tradorax login, they can select among numerous payment options, including debit cards, credit cards, a myriad of e-wallet services and wire transfers. Deposits can be made via any preferable method however withdrawals of larger amount than the initial deposit can be transferred into a bank account only. The bank account should be of the same name as of the account with Tradorax.

    With new binary options brokers arising online almost everyday, rendering a safe and secure place for a broker is a tough and daunting task as a lot is expected and required of a platform to actually capture traders from all around the world and maintain their interest and benefit on a platform.

    Tradorax login has through its several features, long list of assets and different binary options managed to maintain that interest which is thought of as being a next to impossible task, in the binary trading industry. This may not have been possible lest the initiators of the platform themselves did not have a trading background. Knowing the industry better equips the founders to offer traders what they want from trading activities, thus maintaining their interest in trades and profits.

    Even the newest of traders online can easily transition through the Tradorax login process to the withdrawal procedure without needing any external help. Just read all the instructions and guidelines on the website and download the mobile app to stay in touch at all times.



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