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StockPair USA

Min. Deposit: $250
Min. Investment: $20
Signals: No
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Available
USA: Not available
  1. StockPair

    StockPair is one of the online trading companies that offer the best in class online service for trading in binary options and pair options. It makes these trading options available to the traders all parts of the world, other than the US.

    This online trading platform is designed with a pricing engine that enables accurate and visual interference that offers a unique interactive trading experience.

    Traders from the United States shouldn’t expect to see a StockPair USA account soon. All traders from other locations who want to join have to open an account to deposit funds before trading. When opening an account, traders have to fill in a simple registration form that will be submitted to the account manager.

    While StockPair offers clear and simple trading experience, binary options regulation in the US is much different that in Europe, only supporting exchanges and not brokers as market makers system that we see all around the world.

    This doesn’t prevent any broker from offering services to US customers, but it does place additional requirements. StockPair USA doesn’t exist simply because StockPair felt they should focus more on one segment of the population, so they decided not to start a StockPair USA.

    They allow secure Binary and Pair trading. The security of funds is enhanced by holding funds in segregated accounts. Traders’ information is also secured through the use of encrypted communication.

    Stockpair has superior trading technology so it is normal to feel disappointed this broker doesn’t include US accounts. New technology and software provide traders with real time reliable trading and new trends in binary trading.

    It does not have hidden costs. Since Stockpair USA doesn’t accept customers, traders are invited to try some of our US supporting binary brokers like Finpari.


    StockPair Bonus

    StockPair is one of the premier brokers for binary and pair options trading. This brokerage company offers many different ways to attract new traders and one of them is StockPair bonus.

    As a trader on Stockpair platform, traders should be informed about different StockPair free bonuses and benefits that are offered to their registered clients. StockPair bonus serves as way to reward the clients for being royal customers.

    logo-stockpairTo qualify for StockPair bonus, traders should be an account holder of one of the premium accounts. The premium accounts that are available include Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP accounts. The StockPair bonus for each account differs and the premium accounts are classified according to minimum amount that clients deposits in their accounts.

    Any StockPair bonus that is provided to the clients by StockPair is held under the compliance of policies of StockPair. This gives StockPair the mandate to cancel any bonus that is not within its terms and conditions.

    Therefore, traders need to understand that benefit promotions and bonus may be changed or cancelled without any prior notification. Another important thing that traders need to clearly understand regarding bonus is that is limited per every registered client.

    StockPair bonus is received as pending and is added to the traders’ account only after an execution of a trade volume as it appears in the bonus section of the traders account. Without an execution of aggregated sum of investments, no bonus can a trader receive.

    Bonuses and benefits are redeemable when a trading volume of 40 times the volume of the StockPair bonus value has been achieved.

    StockPair Trading Platform

    StockpairtradeThere are various things to put into consideration when selecting a trading platform to use for binary and pair option trading. Some of these things include the ease of use of the software used, data protection issues, accessibility and the trading features on the offer.

    The trading features include the ability of monitoring trades and selecting from a range trade durations and assets. The best trading platform that has been positively reviewed by most of the traders is the StockPair trading platform.

    While reviewing StockPair, we discovered that they use own proprietary platform, which is available for all their traders across the world who want to trade binary options with this brokerage company.

    This StockPair trading platform has been accessible to the clients online for more than 5 years. In the past few years, binary options trading have gained popularity across the world. Binary trading process relies on your ability to estimate the movement of the price of a foreign currency or stock in a stipulated period of time.

    This demands to have all the updates the market trend at various intervals of time. At StockPair trading platform, traders will get all the latest developments in the market and also ensure that traders’ predictions are always on time.

    StockPair provides their clients with an easy to use binary and pair options trading platform to monitor and make the best moves to help them in generating more profits through binary trading.

    With the increase in awareness of online trading, binary and pair options has became the most preferred trading options for many traders.


    Among the reasons for its popularity are having minimal risks and guaranteed returns. StockPair trading platform gives traders an opportunity to test capability and multiply the investment by applying the most efficient format of the binary and pair options trading.

    StockPair trading platform is simple and highly effective to use. It will help traders to monitor the progress of traded assets through a protected and secured online account. Traders can also consult StockPair professionals to understand more about the market movement and making the right predictions with accuracy.

    As a StockPair account holder, traders can also access the information on website to learn about strategies used in making predictions by other trading experts in the market.

    StockPair also offers returns at higher percentage than our competitors in the market. Traders are therefore assured that their investment will be returned with a high profit by dealing with StockPair trading platform.

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