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StockPair Demo Account

Min. Deposit: $250
Min. Investment: $20
Signals: No
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Available
USA: Not available
  1. StockPair

    Since they appeared in early 2010, StockPair quickly became one of the leading brokers in binary industry. Their trading platform offers a selection of different trading instruments and features that can present benefits to traders worldwide. One of these features is StockPair demo account.

    StockPair demo is a great way for inexperienced traders to practice and learn more about binary options without losing money. This is possible because StockPair offers traders virtual money instead of real one that can be used to trade binary options in real time. This way, traders can not lose any money since they are trading is risk free area.

    StockPair demo account comes with excellent trading graphs and different tools for carrying out technical analysis on trades. The take profit and stop loss features that are available on the live trading platform are also available on the demo account therefore traders can start getting use to such features to minimize your losses and maximize money gains.

    Risk management is an essential component of the StockPair demo account, and this account also comes with no investment and no risk.

    logo-stockpairAside the fact that StockPair demo account is free, traders can read updates, reviews and other training materials that can get them started on live trading platform. In order to have access to the StockPair demo, traders can simply sign up for the live trading account first and then send a request for the availability of the StockPair demo account.

    One of the benefits of the Stockpair demo account is that traders can use it for an unlimited amount of time, and it doesn’t expire, however, when you consider the deposit bonus of up to 100% available on the live trading platform, you will definitely want to try out the live platform.

    The StockPair demo account comes with a free starting investment capital of $500 for virtual trading, and it is advisable that you trade with the same amount you hope to invest in live trading so that you can learn how to manage smaller funds. Traders should keep in mind that larger fund investors often have higher trading margins; hence they trade with bigger volumes and can make more profit quickly.

    For more details regarding StockPair demo, we recommend to contact personal account manager who can provide detailed information, relevant to traders who use StockPair demo.


    Is StockPair Regulated?

    StockPair has become one of the popular trading binary and pair options trading platform in binary options industry. It offers a unique interactive trading experience that give traders an insight on the trend of binary trading. With its increased popularity, it has necessitated need to be regulated by the relevant body.

    logo-stockpairThey submitted their application in 2014 to be authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission ( CySEC) . In their regulation plans, they are also waiting for guarantee from Banque de France. StockPair regulated status is confirmed and they obtain licence under reg.no 229/14.

    StockPair regulated status has some benefits and advantages to both the traders and to the company itself. One of the main benefit that the company derive is having a positive reputation among the existing and potential clients. This will make many people to have confidence with the company and hence trade effectively.

    With StockPair regulated, the pricing of the traders will be checked and proved fair financial bodies. You are therefore assured that the asset you are investing is worth.

    StockPair provide their clients with various type of pairs that they can select from all over the world. This provide the traders with a wide range to choose from increasing the chances of making more profit.

    Through the StockPair regulated, traders will get the most secured and reliable trading platform.


    StockPair Affiliate Program

    To be a member of Stockpair affiliate program you have to fill an affiliate registration form as the first step. You will fill all your details in this form and your account manager will use the contacts you have provided to communicate with you. After the registration process, you will need to verify your account and then deposit the money into your account. The amount of money to deposit varies depending on the the premium account that you want to register for.

    Members of StockPair Affiliate Program will get:

    • top quality trading platform
    • high conversion rate
    • competitive commission rates
    • excellent support for our clients
    • advanced high quality tracking system
    • StockPair affiliate program that is simple to use

    This software enables you to effectively monitor your trades. We also offer accurate and on timely monthly payments to assure our client’s expectations are met. Affiliate commission scheme has been reviewed as the most generous and straightforward binary options program in the industry.

    StockPair VIP Account

    To have a Stockpair VIP account you need to understand the terms and conditions that are set for one to qualify as an account holder. If your account is silver, gold or platinum you can upgrade it by depositing $50,000 to be a VIP account holder. The entitlements for this account are different from the rest hence you need to understand them well to trade effectively and get more profits.

    There are some important things that you need to understand to effectively trade as an account holder of this precious account. Among these entitlements include:

    • Senior trade expert to work closely with you on market reviews and strategy. A trade professional will help you in understanding the strategy to assist you in making the right predictions so as to win more money. He will also provide you with market reviews that will assist you in understanding the market trend well.
    • No withdrawal fee – As an account holder for StockPair VIP account you are exempted from any charges when you are making withdrawals.
    • Same day withdrawals
    • Trade control – You have an opportunity of using this feature to help you in managing your risks automatically without necessarily being on the platform. You use this feature in setting the minimum amount you are willing to lose.
    • Volume cash back – In order for you to receive volume cash back you have to trade in volumes that are above the deposit you have made in your account.

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