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Is Redwood Options Regulated?

Redwood Options
Min. Deposit: $200
Min. Investment: $10
Signals: No
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Not available
USA: Not available
  1. Redwood Options

    When it comes to opening a binary options trading account, most traders find it very important for the broker to be regulated. It is important to remember that certain regions and markets are not regulated.

    So far, Redwood Options regulated status is not available. This however does not mean that trading binary options is any way isn’t secure. While reviewing this broker, we noticed that this platform is safe and there are no complaints regarding deposit or withdrawal process. Therefore, Redwood Options regulated isn’t the only indicator of trustworthy broker.

    To traders worldwide, Redwood Options broker offers a whole set of services and tools which are very useful for each trader, whether we are talking about beginners or experienced traders. Redwood Options regulated status doesn’t mean by default that unregulated brokers are scam. This is actually their own choice. One of elements that show there are no scam activity is that traders can reach this broker anytime when they have questions and assistance will be provided them in a few moments.

    Redwood Options Bonus

    The Redwood Options bonus consists of 3 different bonuses which are offered when you are about to make your initial deposit. The three bonuses and their respective trading accounts and features are as follows:

    • Mini account: Redwood Options  bonus 30%
    • Executive account: Redwood Options  bonus 30%
    • Gold account:  Redwood Options  bonus 100%

    Not all traders prefer to receive Redwood Options bonus because it places restrictions on trading account, by making you subject to a minimum wager requirement. It is therefore important to always remember that real money bonuses from this broker will require wagering. To enjoy Redwood Options bonus, traders do not have to deposit any money; simply sign up and accept offered welcome bonus, free of charge.

    This Redwood Options bonus is a trading bonus that the broker gives to its customers without them having to commit to depositing real money into a live account. As such, these bonuses do not require that the trader should have made a previous deposit into their trading account.

    The origin of Redwood Options bonuses can be traced back to when forex brokers began offering bonuses with the aim of conducting financial trading. Today, this binary bonus concept is simple and designed to act as an incentive for attracting new investments for the binary options brokerage account.

    logo-redwoodIn order to qualify for these Redwood Options bonuses, traders are also subject to commissions and spreads that they will have to pay. Free bonuses like these typically have a variety of terms as well as conditions to regulate the withdrawal of profits by binary traders. You may access the free bonuses from Redwood Options by signing up for your binaries account through their affiliate partners. Traders can then have their bonus money deposited into their live account with no prior commitment on deposits.

    Redwood Options Affiliate Program

    The Redwood Options affiliate program enables traders to get more value for the traffic they send to the Redwood Options site. The affiliate program offered by Redwood Options is courtesy of RushBucks whose mission is to provide traders with outstanding marketing tools for promoting the best, most respected and cutting edge brands such as Redwood Options.

    Redwood Options affiliate program features up-to-date live stats, on-time payments, professional support and affiliate management. These elements when fused together help to ensure the growth of this partnership. When you sign up for this affiliate program, you will benefit much more from access to cutting edge binary options as well as generous commissions and global support.

    There are also frequently updated and highly detailed statistics reports that are available at the trader’s fingertips. Traders are also able to track conversions and clicks with complete confidence using this system. Moreover, traders get to select from a broad spectrum of high quality bots, banners, mailers, reviews and other promotional material. Custom marketing materials are also available.

    redwood300 free accountThere are various benefits that go with joining this affiliate program. This Redwood Options affiliate program has a swift, streamlined and user-friendly interface and excellent reporting system. In order to qualify for this affiliate program, you will need to have attained the age of at least 18 years. What’s more, you do not need to have a website of your own to join this program.

    It is completely free of charge to become a Redwood Options affiliate. Any expenses incurred will relate to the specific type of marketing campaign that you choose to engage in. To register as an affiliate, you may simply submit your completed registration form.

    Thereafter, you will receive an email confirmation on which you may enter the site and choose the type of marketing material that you wish to use. In the event that you wish to link your site to this affiliate program, you will first need to make a request. The affiliate program will then quickly review your site to check that it meets the required industry standards and approve your request.

    As an affiliate of Redwood Options, you are entitled to a wide variety of proven marketing material including links, banners, reviews and other promotional materials. Redwood Options affiliate program will provide you with various banners to support your efforts at marketing Redwood Options. There are numerous types of banners to choose from which cover the multiple promotions offered by the affiliate program.

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