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Opteck Mobile

Min. Deposit: $250
Min. Investment: $25
Signals: No
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Available
USA: Not available
  1. Opteck

    In binary options industry, majority of binary brokers offers their traders a security trading platform with multiple trading instruments and services, in order to have a profitable binary options trading experience.

    Traders can also trade CFDs with Opteck.

    Opteck provides easy to use platform and user-friendly interface.

    Since their establishment, Opteck continues to improve their quality services and offers a variety of different trading tools which can ultimately result in gaining profit with binary options. Opteck is a reliable broker, who offers traders only quality trading services and their goal is to have them as long-term clients.

    For this reason, they offer a new feature available on platform; Opteck mobile app.

    Opteck mobile trading is very popular among traders worldwide, because of its many advantages. This way, traders can place trades with binary options even when they are on the go. So now, they have on their disposal a possibility to trade binary options from wherever they are.

    There is no need for them to sit in front of their computers at home or in the office, because now it is possible to use a mobile platform, which simplifies trader’s trading process a lot. It is considered to be an excellent feature which allows traders to access web trading platform.

    opteck mobileTrading binary options with Opteck mobile app is safe just a regular trading platform so traders don’t have to worry about security while trading. Opteck mobile app is compatible both with Apple and Android devices.

    The mobile app can be downloaded in the App Store or in Google Play Store. Also, on mobile platform, traders can use their mobile phones and tablets. It is a very useful trading service, that gain great popularity among traders worldwide in a short period of time.

    On Opteck mobile trading platform, traders can trade with numerous underlying assets, such as stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. Mobile platform can be easily used by traders beginners, as well as experienced traders. So this is an important factor because it means that mobile app is easy to use for traders who have just started their binary options journey.

    Due to technology expansion, in some way it was inevitable to develop Opteck mobile trading and provide traders with possibility to use mobile app while trading binary options. In binary options industry mobile app is considered to be very useful because it simplifies entire trading process and allows traders to access trading platform from anywhere. So we can actually say that with Opteck, benefits of using mobile app are endless.



    Opteck Demo

    Demo account is one of the most important features while trading binary options. As a reliable binary broker, Opteck offers to its registered traders a possibility to use Opteck demo account. Demo account is excellent trading tool and very important in the trading process, especially for the traders who have just started their binary options journey.

    To their traders, Opteck offers six different account types to choose from. Majority traders, especially beginners, before they invest their money will try out demo account. Trading on Opteck demo account is intended for traders to improve their techniques in the trading process.

    Opteck gives traders a free Opteck demo version of trading platform, having in mind traders itself. Demo account is available for traders to use when they make a deposit of $250. Great thing about demo account is the fact that traders do not have to invest real money, instead they can place trades with virtual money.

    This way, there is no money loss and without any fear, traders can continue to test Opteck platform.

    opteck-demo screenshotOn Opteck demo platform, traders can use a wide range of assets, same as on platform with real accounts. This is great because such a possibility gives traders a real feeling how binary options really looks like. Binary options traders can also use a wide range of trade options and have on disposal a few expiry times.

    All these features are possible to allow traders to try out different trading strategies until they improve their skills.

    For that reason, Opteck gives its traders a way to test the platform first, without any potential risk involved. Having a possibility to use the platform on Opteck demo without any potential risk is important because traders in that case can only benefit from such a trading process. Afterwards, traders can choose one of 6 available real accounts and start trading binary options on a profitable way.

    Opteck Bonus

    In binary options industry, brokers among many trading features also offer bonuses to their traders around the world. Bonus can be explained as incentive in binary options trading. Opteck offers traders a welcome bonus. That is a type of Opteck bonus that traders receive when they register with a particular broker. Bonuses are given to traders worldwide as motivation to continue trading binary options in long term.

    Each reliable binary broker, such as Opteck will have on its platform a thoroughly explained terms & conditions of bonus terms. Bonuses are not mandatory, so traders can also refuse them if the broker offers one.  Each trader is greeted with a Pending Welcome Bonus, when they register on the platform. For all questions regarding bonuses, traders can Opteck customer support via several ways, through email [email protected], 26 telephone number are given, live chat, web form and even fax.


    Opteck distinguishes two types of Opteck bonuses: a Pending bonus and Live bonus. Pending bonus is explained as bonus funds that are placed to your, so called “pending box”, and will be added on your trading account after trader carries out a certain trade amounts.

    Unlike pending bonus, a Live Opteck bonus is when initially, bonus is added on the account and withdrawal is possible only when a certain amount of trades is carried out.

    Trading volume with Opteck is between 40 and 50 times of your bonus. Trading volume is actually a calculation of your trades. Majority traders reach that limit in few weeks of trading binary options.

    All traders are different so some of them prefer riskier trading plan, while others don’t. This is why it is important to have a clear vision on what type of trader you want to be and what trading tools and features will be good for you. Then, you can implement all of that in your strategy and start your profitable binary options experience.

    Is Opteck Regulated?

    Opteck has been operating since 2011 on financial market. Since then, they have proven to be a trustworthy binary options broker, who provides a secure platform and top notch services and trading instruments. So far, there have been no reported reports of Opteck being a scam.

    Opteck regulated now has a long list of registered traders from around the world. This proves how they are recognized as a reliable broker who offers quality services and enables traders to make a profit while trading binary options. They offer more than 70 underlying assets to choose from, from stocks and currencies to the commodities and indices.

    As regards regulation, Opteck is a binary options broker regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) under authorization number 238/14. In long term, traders find regulated brokers to be trustworthy due the fact that such brokers possess licence. It means that brokers, such as Opteck regulated, has to follow and conduct certain rules, determined by CySEC. Regulation also means that there is an organization that controls brokers and take care of how they manage their business.

    opteck account

    Security is very important and one of the key elements in binary options industry. In order to provide their traders a high security level, Opteck regulated uses security encryption by 128bits SSL. This way, traders can feel safe that their funds will be safe with Opteck and there will be no difficulties while depositing or withdrawing money from the account.

    To their traders, Opteck offers an excellent education center, one of the best in the binary options industry. Traders have on their disposal a variety of helpful tools for to enable traders to find the best trading strategy and maximize profit while trading. They can use videos, guide on how to trade binary options and where to start, eBook and binary options glossary.

    In addition to that, traders can easily find FAQ section, where they can find a wide range of questions and answers. related to binary options trading. In this section, traders can find comprehensive answers on how to register with Opteck, how to deposit and trade binary options and banking information regarding withdrawal process.

    So one thing has to be remembered when we talk about Opteck regulated status and that’s the fact that this broker provides secure binary options trading with assistance from Personal Account Manager who will help the traders to achieve the maximum from binary options trading.

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