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IQ Option Demo Account

Min. Deposit: $10
Min. Investment: $1
Signals: No
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Available
USA: Not available
  1. IQoption

    IQ Option demo account makes it possible for traders to get acquainted with its trading platform and learn fresh techniques to earn additional, while trading binary options. The IQ Option demo allows it to improve the standard of its services as per the demands of the modern trading conditions and the prevailing trends in the binary options trading market.

    IQ Option demo account is simpleto use. Traders can sign up quite easily and it is just a matter of few minutes. They only have to register and they can login even through Google+ and Facebook. After the registration procedure is completed, the traders can experience the benefits of trading binary options in real time.

    IQ Option provides virtual money for traders worldwide who decide to use IQ Option demo. They can place a virtual deposit of $1000 that allows them to start trading immediately without any bother of worrying about real cash and funds. The IQ Option demo account certainly depicts the efficiency and the practice of IQ Option as a broker for binary options.

    The biggest advantage of using an IQ Option demo account for traders is to be able to practice the trading sessions in binary options that are offered on the platform. It allows traders to sharpen their trading skills and expand their knowledge after learning about various asset lists and trading process, with no risk.

    The time spent on the IQ Option demo account is sufficient for traders to understand how does binary options market work and assess the trading platform and its principles. The traders get plenty of opportunities to test out their trading skills and analyze the financial markets. They can make informed decisions based on the outcome of these markets. This is a free service provide by IQ Option and it can be looked upon as a simulator for getting a feel of the binary options trading conditions.

    The traders can understand the ethics and principles of the financial markets when they are using this IQ Option demo account. This account is designed exclusively for the purpose of convenience and education of the traders. When they gain an access to this IQ Option demo, traders can use useful and handy indicators and numerous tools which will help them to implement various strategies.

    IQ Option App

    In today’s world, people need to communicate and trade from their remote and mobile devices, ranging from cell phones to tablets. Same thing applies for the binary options industry. More and more brokers offer on their platform a possibility to have mobile trading. This way, traders can now place trades from anywhere, without obligation to be in front of their monitors.

    Traders would like to continue trading even when they are on the go. With IQ Option app, they do not have to be at their computer desk all the time; they could be at a traffic signal or in an elevator when they want to communicate with their binary options broker. IQ Option app has made it possible for traders to do this through its mobile platform and have made even the seconds count for their traders in the world of high stakes and trading online.

    IQ Option app sets them apart as they have done its designing and development in house. The vision was not compromised by any technological limitations while making up the principles of designing the mobile app. The platform is as simple and accessible as it is on a desktop. It is perhaps the smoothest mobile platforms around in the world of binary options trading.

    The proprietary trading platform offers graphs in real time so that the traders can get the feel of the market pulse in the palm of their hands and execute their trades accordingly. This is the commitment that creates the difference between IQ Option and other binary brokers.

    logo-iqoptionIQ Option app puts the trader in front and gives him priority as far as user experience goes so that there is harmony between functionality and utility. This is achieved by maintaining links between the developers, the marketers and the traders. The design of the IQ Option app is totally customer centric. Traders with all kinds of background can easily execute their trades and monitor their market movements. They can also receive online support on their mobiles.

    The IQ Option mobile application is introduced on both Android and iOS after analyzing the feedback from experts, analysts and traders from all around the world. It has helped the traders to access its website from wherever and whenever. IQ Option app is user-friendly and will fulfill the needs of all binary options traders.

    Is IQ Option Regulated?

    To traders worldwide who want to know Is IQ Option regulated, answer is, yes. IQ Option has been established in 2013 and it is based in Limassol, Cyprus. It offers trading in binary options and is owned by IQ Option Europe Ltd.

    The unique part of the IQ Option regulated feature is its proprietary platform for binary options trading that allows its clients to earn as high as 90% on their investment as returns within the span of a short time. It also offers its clients a chance to participate in competitions so that they can achieve high payouts.

    IQ Option is a preferred broker for binary options throughout the world. IQ Option Europe Ltd, located in Limassol, Cyprus is regulated by CySec and it complies with the strict regulations and rules that have been set up by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and their authorities to help traders earn their returns within the legal parameters and governed by fair standards.

    IQ Option regulated status offers competent terms and conditions for payments, deposits, refunds and privacy of accounts and transactions. IQ Option offers many facilities and deals for its traders to get them started on their earnings above their own expectations. It offers refunds and bonuses based on the nature of traders’ accounts. It provides three types of accounts – demo account, real account and the VIP account.

    IQ Option Europe Ltd is regulated by CySec (licence number 247/14) and regulation is perhaps an ideal method of /creating trust and credibility among the traders all over the world. It also becomes essential to keep things transparent and simple so that the traders can understand and follow the regulations easily. Processes have been created to protect the privacy of the accounts of traders and their contact as well as payment details. These regulations also protect the brokers against money laundering.


    How to Withdraw Funds from IQ Option?

    IQ Option has become one of the preferred choices for traders worldwide when they want to invest with safe and trustworthy online binary options brokers. Traders will come across one of the best platforms that offer clear and easy to follow processes for withdrawing funds and trading.

    The main reason behind such success is the satisfaction that IQ Option withdrawal is a fast  process, which traders find extremely important. They have tested its working principles and they are content with each facility that they have been offered with. It is natural for every trader to be concerned about the process of withdrawal as there are many scammers in the trading industry and they do not want their hard earned money to be squandered through unreliable processes of withdrawal.

    To be able to execute IQ Option withdrawal, it is necessary for traders to submit a withdrawal request, that should be approved by this broker.

    Traders can withdraw their funds through several ways:

    • debit and credit cards (Maestro, Visa, Visa Elelectron and Mastercard)
    • wire transfer
    • e-wallets (Skrill Moneybookers, Boleto, FasaPay, iDeal, Neteller, WebMoney and CashU)

    The minimum IQ Option withdrawal amount at IQ Option is $10. If a trader has any difficulty with the withdrawal process, they can contact the representatives of IQ Option concerning the individual withdrawal request. The queries will be attended to, promptly and the process will be explained in full. The traders will get notifications and relevant information in their respective native languages.

    With both Real account and VIP account, withdrawal process time is within 24 hours.

    “General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”

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