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Is BKTrading Regulated?

Min. Deposit: $10
Min. Investment: $5
Signals: No
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Not available
USA: Available
  1. BKtrading

    Traders who are interested to select reliable platform for binary options trading inquire “Is BKTrading regulated?” It is a fact that this platform is not regulated but unregulated status has not affected on distinctive services.

    Traders from European countries and United States are given guarantee that BKTrading will give top rated reliable platform irrespective of location and funds.

    Up till now, thousands of traders have registered with BKTrading and have observed no irregularity in service. Professional traders check the platform and invest their money when find no ambiguous or scam activities linked with the trading platform.

    It is the reasons; traders have developed confidence as unregulated status does not influence on trading experience. It is surprising for most of traders why BKTrading regulated services are not offered? In reality, binary options brokers prefer to be in unregulated status to provide more and more benefits to traders.

    In other words, regulation of binary options platform makes its services limited. These restraints affect on the broker as well as trader. If a platform is regulated, it will be restricted to reduce the amount of profit that is selected for traders.

    logo-bktradingOn the other hand, pip spread will raise and worldwide traders’ potential profit will be reduced. Keeping this fact in consideration, it is profitable for traders to get registered with reliable but unregulated broker, but the regulation question is still broker’s decision.

    Instead of getting bothered about EU regulation, traders should check the safety of funds, time required for withdrawal, maximum returns and type of bonuses. BKTrading offer a safe platform with a variety of trading instruments and services that enables traders to have a successful and profitable binary options trading process.

    Since this broker was established, there were no reported problem related to delay in funds, which is great news. Furthermore, advanced system for customers support and educational training is introduced to improve the chances of winning while trading binary options.

    Traders use binary options trading to utilize their savings to maximize their profits in this online type of investment. Traders can choose among many different assets available for them on platform and different useful trading services. Traders who desire to get profit and bonuses through multifaceted and dynamic trading platform prefer to select unregulated broker to meet their demands.

    Instead of BKTrading regulated status, it offers all the advanced features to its traders. Mobile option is given to US and EU traders to keep an eye on values of trading assets and invest amount when conditions are favorable.

    BKTrading Demo

    Within short period of time, BKTrading has gained reputable position among other binary options brokers currently on the market. It is favorable that USA traders can register to this platform and get benefits from incentives and bonuses.

    Beginners traders without any experience in the field are welcome to trade binary options and make profit in the process. To give some training to learners, BKTrading demo account is presented to give real time experience to inexperienced ones without any risk of loss.

    This way, they can place trades and test different strategies so that they could improve their trading skills. It is encouraging that same trading environment, assets, trading options and trading tools are provided to demo account traders, however they use visual funds to develop best trading skills.

    Such provisions can help in understanding how to develop strategies to earn huge profit. All registered members have given opportunity to practice trading with binary options and time limits without investing real money.

    Demo accounts are provided by highly developed platforms which are helpful in giving basic training to beginners traders through visual funds. In order to get experience, traders do not need to invest their real money, because in demo account, traders can use virtual money. It is true that all traders are offered unlimited bonus and supportive tools, however beginners prefer to utilize.

    BKTrading demo account trading platform to get training without any fear of possible money loss. Demo account is essential for traders who are interested to get another reliable source of income.

    To make beginners familiar with actual trading platform, similar features are introduced for demo account traders.

    Same assets, time limits, trading options and conditions are applied to enable the beginners to become experts in binary options trading. Practice and educational training gives better understanding of upcoming situation and strategies to win and to be successful in trading process.

    It is noticed that traders cannot apply various strategies when using real money as they are afraid of losing money.

    On the other hand, demo account traders get expert as try all strategies to get experience. Side by side testing various strategies, traders learn how to manage funds in a limited period of time, therefore the importance and benefits of BKTrading demo account cannot be overlooked.


    Are There BKTrading Complaints?

    In binary options market, BKTrading is acknowledged for its secure binary options trading platform. When new traders register with this broker, they are given opportunity to trade with binary options, irrespective of their nationality, location, deposited funds and country. It is one of the great reasons which have BKTrading distinguished from other binary options brokers.

    No BKTrading complaints have been noticed due to fair policies and clear instructions. Since establishment of BKTrading, EU and USA traders have found it to be a trustworthy platform for receiving unlimited bonus and maximum profit. Traders’ satisfaction gives guarantee that there is no scam activity.

    It is a fact that BKTrading is new in binary options trading and giving its services since 2015. It is considered that BKTrading complaints are not in record because it is launched a few months ago.

    It is observed that broker is providing fair system for deposit of funds, withdrawal, bonus and returns on successful trades. Though, fair policies of this platform give an indication that traders can trust and use this platform for earning money and increasing their income.

    logo-bktradingWhen newly launched binary options platform gives assurance of safe binary options trading, it gives confidence to beginners. In online world, scam activities are mostly noticed and recorded against unregulated brokers, but it’s not a rule. Top rank in online binary options platforms gives assurance that deposited funds will receive unlimited bonus and more chances of binary options trading will be available to earn maximum from it.

    Side by side, traders are given guarantee that their personal information will remain secret and will never be disclosed with other brokers or traders. Trust on services keeps traders satisfied and help in maintaining the reputation of a broker.

    BKTrading has given fair performance to develop trust of traders and avoid future complaints. Still, there is room for enhancement. It is announced that broker will make changes related to minimum withdrawal amount for the satisfaction of traders. 

    Most of the complaints against brokers are recorded when delay is noticed in withdrawal process or promised bonus is not awarded to traders. Contrarily, no BKTrading complaints are received as the platform takes just two days in processing withdrawal request. Traders are given customer support to handle their problems.

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