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BKTrading Mobile App

Min. Deposit: $10
Min. Investment: $5
Signals: No
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Not available
USA: Available
  1. BKtrading

    As being a new binary options broker since 2015, BKTrading has marked its presence in binary options trading as one of the highly developed and user friendly platforms in the industry. It has given way to traders who cannot sit in a room round the clock to view up and down movement of assets.

    Now, traders are given opportunity to register their account, provide relevant information, deposit funds, place trades according to their preferences, send request for bonus or withdraw funds by using their smartphone or iOS. It is easy to get log in and earn money while you are travelling. For android and iPhone users, BKTrading platform has designed easy to use application.

    In order to meet the requirements of traders, BKTrading mobile version is launched. Traders who are unable to use laptop or desktop have given an advantage to get access to binary options trading through smartphone or Apple devices.

    logo-bktradingIt is aim of BKTrading platform to provide 24/7 access to binary options trading irrespective of traders’ location. Mobile version is similar to that of desktop version and offers same set of services, tools, assets and trading options. After registering the account through iPhone or Android, traders need to send ID or utility bills scanned copies to give evidence of their identity and location. Bank account information is also provided to verify the account.

    Next step is deposit of minimum $10 to initiate first time trade on their platform. Mobile traders can pay the amount in select Euro or Dollar currency. All possibilities for successful binary options trading process which are given to desktop users are also available to BKTrading mobile app users.

    It is true that binary options trading through smartphone does not restrict traders at any point. It is uncomplicated to deposit funds, use bonus for next trade or apply for withdrawal by using mobile device.

    It is one of the great benefits of mobile trading to have an access to account at any location and without need to be in front of the monitor every time traders want to place trades with binary options. What traders require is fast internet connection to check change in the values of trading assets. BKTrading mobile appneeds a few MB space. In order to get mobile version of BKTrading, traders from USA and EU are directed towards home page.

    BKTrading Bonus

    Binary options trading has become very popular way of online investments. One of the reasons are great incentives and high bonuses. There are many brokers in online world who offer various policies and terms to their registered traders.

    BKTrading has gained remarkable position as it invites European and American traders to use this platform and get variety of bonuses through fair and simple trading options. In fact, bonuses give encouragement to traders and motivate them to take part in the next trade. It gives them confidence and develops the interest towards easy to earn system of binary options.

    BKTrading bonus works with some rules and regulations and every trader is responsible to follow these rules. In order to be qualified for BKTrading bonus, traders are required to register, open an account and invest minimum deposit. Welcome bonus is given to traders according to deposited funds, however there is no limit to these bonuses.

    To receive welcome BKTrading bonus, binary options traders need to contact BKTrading customer support. Their team will check the account whether all the procedures are being followed appropriately. As soon as customers support team approves the account, traders are given bonus according to their deposited amount.

    It is important to disclose that BKTrading bonus is unlimited. Whether deposited amount is big or small, traders are credited with the bonus, however bonus amount can’t be applied for withdrawal on immediate basis. Each trader requires completing 30X trading terms and gaining specific profit level to withdraw the amount.


    BKTrading Withdrawal

    Quality and reliable service are the most important features that binary options broker BKTrading has. BKTrading has proven to be as one of the best online trading platforms in the market. European traders cannot only use the platform but also given access to .eu website.

    For US traders, BKTrading gives favor to register their accounts and get benefit through binary options trading without any obstacle.

    In order to start trading binary options with this broker, beginners traders are required to provide account information and scanned copy of ID or utility bills before depositing initial funds. Complete BKTrading withdrawal of funds is simple and stress free process.

    BKTrading binary options platform offers straightforward way for deposit and withdrawal of funds. Traders are guided to log in to their account and select “My Account” to check withdrawal form. Before confirmation of withdrawal procedure, binary options traders need to mention the amount to withdraw.

    In case, the amount to withdraw is greater than first deposited amount than another method should be used to take out the profit. Process time for withdrawal request is two business days. In case if the account is not verified, time will be extended as trader will provide relevant documents for verification.

    After BKTrading withdrawal request, traders can receive confirmed amount within five working days. To avoid wrong withdrawal or fraud attempts, each trader is requested to send documents such as ID card, utility bills and credit card to ensure that funds withdrawal request is sent by the right person.

    It is necessary to disclose that minimum BKTrading minimum withdrawal is $100 whereas the trader needs to pay $25 as fee. The platform will announce downward review concerning minimum withdraw rules soon so that traders withdraw funds if their balance is less than $100. Side by side downward review, trader has given an opportunity to enjoy bonuses to grow their account in the short period of time.

    BKTrading withdrawal is safe and reliable. There have been no recorded complaints against unfair means and scam withdrawal. For the satisfaction of traders, it is possible to keep track of funds, deposit new funds or withdraw the amount through android or iPhone. User friendly system is introduced for mobile users to keep in touch with binary options trading platform anytime and anywhere.

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