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Is 24option a Scam?

Min. Deposit: $100
Min. Investment: 0.01 lot
Signals: No
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Available
USA: Not available
  1. 24Option

    24option is a professional binary options broker and they have successfully distinguished themselves among numerous binary brokers available on the market.

    They have proved over the years to be one of the most reliable binary brokers and their traders have never had any cause to complain about the service provided by 24option.

    No complaints or report or 24option scam alert have ever been given by any of the registered traders regarding their trading platform.

    Unfortunately, there is an increasing number of binary options brokers which are available today so it may be difficult to separate scam from the legitimate ones. 

    But 24option has proved over the years to be one of those binary options brokers that are scam-free.

    24option scam had never been recorded from any quarter and it is not expected to be reported in the future because of the reliable and professional manner in which the binary options broker is conducting his business.  

    The main goal of 24option is to provide traders with many tools in order for them to make a lucrative profit on their investment in binary options trading.

    Thousands of fraudulent activities of different brokers are being played out in binary options trading today. It is advised for binary options traders to be very careful while choosing the right binary options broker.

    However, traders registered with 24option can rest assured that they will get the best possible service.

    Depositing and withdrawing are secure and fast. All terms & conditions regarding trading binary options with 24option are clearly stated. This way, traders can have all necessary information when investing with this brokerage company.

    24option_398x62-300x46Also, it is important to emphasise that 24option is a regulated broker, who obtains CySEC licence.

    To traders around the world, they offer secure trading platform where traders don’t have to worry about any 24option scam activity.

    Regulatory status brings more trust for traders who invest in binary options. By having a complete information regarding

    By having a complete information regarding the safety of trading platform, this will help remove any hint of worry about a possible 24option scam.

    Without a doubt, 24option is among the most established binary options brokers today.

    Is 24option Regulated?

    One of the questions being asked by many traders keeps returning to “Is 24option regulated broker?”.

    The answer to that question is yes, 24option is regulated.

    The difference between regulated and unregulated brokers is only in the fact that regulated brokers have to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by regulatory authorities. Like everything else in life, there is no black or white. Neither regulated brokers give traders an absolute safety nor unregulated brokers are by definition scam brokers.

    cysec24option platform is regulated by CySEC. It means that US traders are not able to participate in binary options trading with 24option.

    Traders have chosen 24option for their successful binary options experience because of its tools and provided services. The fact that there is 24option regulated, only increases the trust in this broker, that their funds will be safe.

    The fact that there is 24option is regulated, only increases the trust in this broker, that their funds will be safe.

    Provided platform is easy to use both for experienced traders and those who are only entering binary options trading. Their recently upgraded MetraTrader 4 platform could yield the highest possible investment return, depending on how high an initial deposit trader chooses to invest.

    In the finance industry, it is said that the higher the returns are, the higher are the risks that traders are willing to endure while investing their money in order to make a profit.

    24option became regulated in 2013, so traders now have one more reason to join this broker who can provide them assistance through the binary options trading process. To their traders, 24option offers a platform that is easy to use and also live charts.

    Besides the fact that 24option regulated, they offer a lot of instruments to attract more and more people. Since they appeared on the market, they made several improvements, such as re-designed platform, increased number of different underlying assets and even better customer support service.

    24option banner

    24option regulated broker is listed among the top brokerages in the binary options industry. They have satisfied traders who use their platform with all needed instruments and provided services.

    The main goal of this broker is to offer a quality service for their traders so that they can have a profitable and successful trading experience.

    They have satisfied traders who are happy to use their platform with all various instruments and other services.

    This brokerage offers five account types and the Islamic account too, trade options like High/Low and 60 Seconds, as well as useful trading features such as demo account and mobile trading app.

    They also provide around the clock customer support service and a wide variety of underlying assets.

    Global traders also get to use their extensive Education tab.

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