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Trader's Buddy
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  1. The global market has gained another valuable contribution with Trader’s Buddy, an advanced and revolutionary trading software for binary options trading.

    Launched in early 2017, this interesting binary robot provides traders with an interesting blend of a social trading platform as well as automated and semi auto trading.

    With Trader’s Buddy, global traders do not have to bother with any downloads as this free trading solution is completely web-based.

    Trader’s Buddy is designed to be suitable for absolute beginners as well as professional traders.

    One of the biggest benefits of this trading system is that it uses the so-called peer-2-peer trading platform thus connect traders with traders all over the world.

    In our Trader’s Buddy robot review, we will offer global traders a collection of pertinent information as an instruction on how binary options trading functions on this unique platform.  

    What Does Trader’s Buddy Offer?

    A logical question of what does Trader’s Buddy offer is the first one we shall tackle in our Trader’s Buddy robot review.

    The immediate response is – diversity. As we already pointed out, this is a unique trading platform which offers global traders three distinct approaches to trading binaries – social trading, semi automatic and auto trading.

    In having all these options, traders get to pick and choose what suits their affinities the most. For those who prefer more control over the trading process, semi automatic mode is better suited.

    Traders who wish to try a fully automated trading are instructed to use the Autotrader which, when turned on, scans the market for low-risk trades.

    3 Trading Algorithms for Ultimate Binary Trading

    Another valuable information we discovered during the course of our Trader’s Buddy robot review is that traders get to use three trading algorithms for ultimate binary trading.

    Depending on traders’ personality or preference it is possible to choose among Rush Options, Basers and Investo.

    Rush Options is a perfect trading algorithm for those who enjoy short-term expiry time in trading. With Rush Options, global traders have expiry times up to 120 seconds with the possibility to use both the auto trading mode and manual mode.

    Those traders who enjoy high-intensity trading are likely to opt for Rush Options.

    The medium term option is named Basers and it provides traders with the expiry time of up to 4 hours. This is trading algorithm is perfect for traders which prefer medium risk exposure. In a manner of speaking, this is the golden middle solution.  

    The third algorithm we found as we continue with our Trader’s Buddy robot review, is called Investo and is designed for long term trading.

    With Investo, traders may invest between 1 or 2 traders per week with up to 3 days’ expiry time frame.

    Investo is marked by high investment character enabling traders to still have a profitable trading journey.


    Trader’s Buddy Automated Trading

    In recent times, plenty of binary options traders select auto trading mode as it simplifies the whole procedure considerably as binary robots place trades on behalf of traders.

    In our Trader’s Buddy robot review we determined this is also an option with this trading software.

    Using Trader’s Buddy robot, registered traders are able to adjust preferences as they want. In fact, they can also decide on their max returns as well as the risk level.

    Activating the Autotrader is ideal for those traders who wish to experience a hassle-free trading process but still retain control and make profits.

    The three trading algorithms, Rush Options, Basers and Investo, are distinct and each provides registered traders unique features and expiry times.

    Trader’s Buddy Semi Auto Trading Mode

    In our Trader’s Buddy robot review, we have found that this binary robot has been created by binary options experts inclined to aid the trading process for all interested traders.

    For that reason, aside from the automated trading mode, with Trader’s Buddy robot traders can also experience the semi automatic trading.

    Those traders who decide to use semi automatic trading mode, the trading process is based on the reception of exclusive signals which are generated based on the present market circumstances. However, with the semi automatic mode traders can either accept the generated binary signals or they may not.  

    In using the semi automatic trading mode provides traders with the absolute control as nothing happens during the trading process without their knowledge and consent.

    Additionally, in using the semi automatic trading mode traders are in a fantastic position to improve their knowledge and make profits along the way.

    Social Trading with Trader’s Buddy

    Alongside auto trading and semi automatic trading, social trading is also gaining more popularity on the binary options market.

    With social trading, traders get to utilise experience and knowledge of other traders to carry out profitable trades.

    What we determined in our Trader’s Buddy robot review is that once the social trading mode is activated traders get to use trading tips from other traders.

    The gist of social trading with Trader’s Buddy is that registered traders are in a position to copy the trades made by other traders and use them to their own benefit.

    The winning ratio percentage is the determining factor when it comes to deciding who are the experts. And, those expect are eligible to provide trading advice to others.

    Additional Features on Trader’s Buddy Robot

    Considering the diversity provided by Trader’s Buddy robot, it is not surprising traders get to experience additional features too.

    For our Trader’s Buddy robot review we also took a look at the Educational Centre they provide.

    We are happy to inform all interested traders that they will be able to use various videos and tutorials which can be of special benefit to beginners.

    However, there are also plenty of interesting study materials for intermediate and advanced level traders too.

    Additional features on trader’s Buddy also include the Automatic Stop Loss. With this feature, traders get to control all their trading activity in terms of the acceptable limits and risk exposure.

    Global traders may also choose this feature to set a limit for an exact number of daily trades.

    Lastly, with Trader’s Buddy, worldwide traders also get a dedicated customer support which is on disposal 24/7 via live chat.

    Pending Orders Technology

    This final part in our Trader’s Buddy robot review takes a closer look at a completely novel technology – Pending Orders.

    This is a unique feature which can be used to place others in the queue so those could be carried out at the later time.

    This is a great feature for professional traders who wish to make the most out of market momentum.

    Lastly, according to information on Trader’s Buddy site, they are connected with reputable and well-established binary brokers which are invested into providing the best services for binary traders.  


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