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SimpleAutoTrading Robot Review

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  1. Simple Auto Trading review will introduce to our reader’s binary options trading software that promises great trading experience. The number of trading software is increasing every day, so traders have to recognize a good software which covers all their needs. With our binary options software review, we will help you to make the right decision!

    According to the Simple Auto Trading, this software is free, which is characteristic for much binary software on the market.

    However, the interesting part is that great features and quick registration process allow traders to customize their trading and develop a unique trading style.

    Simple Auto Trading  and Registration

    To use Simple Auto Trading software, traders need to register first. The registration is free and traders don’t need to invest any money in order to create a free account. To get a free account, simply enter your name, surname, email address, and phone number.

    After the registration process is done, Simple Auto Trading will suggest you a list of brokers that are available for your country. There is much confusing information about brokers and which countries can use them but with Simple Auto Trading, this process and efforts are minimized.

    This is a great opportunity, especially for beginners, because they can instantly find a broker that supports their country and don’t need to do any research.

    Minimum deposit with binary brokers is only $250, while Simple Auto Trading software remains free and traders don’t need to invest any money with software directly. The deposit will be placed directly with your broker and for withdrawal options, traders will also contact broker directly.There are three simple steps that traders need to follow in order to start trading:

    There are three simple steps that traders need to follow in order to start trading:

    • Open a free account
    • Make a deposit with a broker that supports your country
    • Start trading

    Deposit Money

    Simple Auto Trading Systems

    There are several tools, benefits, and features that can be used by traders who decide to trade with this software. The entire trading process is based on 3 different systems that are created in order to help traders to understand the market and trading process:

    SimpleAutoTrading.com Classic

    This System is presented as the safest system that traders can use. This type of trading is considered as traditional and suitable for beginners and traders who are not experienced enough.

    SimpleAutoTrading.com Martingale

    The Martingale theory deserves this dynamic and fast type of trading. This way, traders who have more experience will prefer this system and improve their trading skills with this trading system.

    SimpleAutoTrading.com Fibonacci

    According to the Simple Auto Trading, this is the most accurate system. It is supported by the Fibonacci theory and traders are using it because it allows precise and safe trading. However, the Fibonacci model can be also tricky, so we only recommend it to experienced traders.

    Simple Auto Trading Indicators

    The indicators are usually used to analyze short price movements at the market. That makes them an essential part of this binary trading software. These indicators are integrated into Simple Auto Trading algorithm and we have an impressive list that traders can use at any trading moment:

    Trend Indicator – this indicator is based on trends that are actual at the market. It has an impact on specific assets that can be traded on the market

    CCI Indicator – also known as Commodity Channel Index. This indicator is mostly used for commodities trading but traders are also using it for the currency trading

    RSI Indicator – this oscillating indicator is based on the average wins and loss that software can provide in the specific time.

    Stoch Indicator – is a great indicator for all traders that don’t have any experience since it visually shows the expected movements at the market

    Williams Indicator – this indicator is used with Stoch indicator so traders can check on all trends and potential movements on the market. This indicator can help you to invest funds in a specific asset without questioning yourself how the market will perform since you can see everything on your screen

    MACD Indicator – this indicator is using two sets of averages to discover bought and sold assets available on the market

    Trading Indicators

    Simple Auto Trading Platform

    Once the traders make a free account and log in to their account, they will access a dashboard that has an amazing overview of all features, tools, and assets available for them to trade.

    The left side is supported by categories such as Settings, Brokers, and Support. In the middle of the dashboard, traders have an auto-trading button which is used to activate the entire trading process. Also, there will be a lot of information that you can see your account and all details that are linked to your trades

    This means that, at any moment, traders are able to see current and recent trades that software has placed on their behalf. Since you can trade manual also, this gives you an insight into what have you traded in the past and what you are doing at the moment.

    Simple Auto Trading offers a demo account. This way, all traders can check how software preform and with $1,000 virtual money they can practice trading and see how different systems, indicators, and settings affect their results.

    We recommend all traders to use a demo account for a short period of time and see how it affects trading with specific tools and features that you can choose.

    Simple Auto Trading Support

    With good customer support and live chat available, traders can have fast communication and solve all the questions and issues that are worrying them. Also, at any moment, it is possible to send an e-mail directly and Simple Auto Trading team will answer to your query in 24 hours.

    All these support features along with different assets, indicators, and systems can only improve your trades and traders should look for all information because it helps them to optimize their trading and improve their results.

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