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  1. Founded by Kinjo Oda, a Japanese stockbroker in March 2017, SignalSamurai is a new binary options signal provider available on the market.

    The guiding principle behind SignalSamurai  is that this signals provider generates binary signals after careful and thorough analysis of the market.

    In our SignalSamurai review we shall present all interested traders with pertinent details concerning this signal provider and as well as highlighting all aspects included in the trading process.

    What is SignalSamurai?

    The simplest explanation is to define SignalSamurai in terms of binary options signal provider which aims to provide binary signals obtained via advanced, sophisticated algorithm.

    The founder, Kinjo Oda has vast experience when it comes to trading due to his long experience as a stockbroker on Tokyo Stock Exchange.

    SignalSamurai delivers binary options trading signals and honors the Bushido code at the same time.

    And, since Bushido code is so heavily entwined with SignalSamurai so is the service provided marked by honesty, respect, courage, control and righteousness.

    Are Signals Delivered by SignalSamurai Free?

    What traders get with SignalSamurai is a signal provider which does not include any fees and is thus completely free.

    In part, this SignalSamurai policy was put in place due to Kinjo Oda mindset since he strongly believes in providing every trader with equal opportunity to generate profit.

    At any rate, traders will not be asked to pay any additional fees in order to use SignalSamurai.


    SignalSamurai Download – Yes or No?

    One of the first questions when it comes to trading with binary trading signal provider is the issue of download and whether it is necessary to download the softer so as to be able to use it.

    Certainly, there are binary options signal provider which traders have to download and install. Thankfully, in our SignalSamurai review we found that this binary options signal provider does not need any download.

    Registered traders may use SignalSamurai at any place, provided they know their username and password which is handy considering the often hectic pace of modern life.

    SignalSamurai Registration and Login Process

    Further in our SignalSamurai review, we took a look at the registration and login procedure which appears to be simple and should not cause any issues for traders.

    Registration form for SignalSamurai is provided on their site and should only take minutes to fill in. After that, traders will have to make a deposit with one of the binary brokers connected with the SignalSamurai trading platform.

    How Does SignalSamurai Function?

    It is not only the fact that this signals provider is free that sets SignalSamurai apart from the rest of similar products on the market, but also the fact that it is user-friendly and fast as well.

    The first thing that traders interested in SignalSamurai have to do in order to be given the access, is to register.

    In our SignalSamurai review, we were able to determine that the registration process is a basic industry standard which means that only essential information has to be provided and this can be done in a matter of minutes.

    When the registration process is finalized, traders are required to make a deposit with one of the brokers suggested by signals bot. After that, traders worldwide can begin their SignalSamurai trading experience.

    Strategies and Features Available with SignalSamurai

    In the process of our SignalSamurai review, we also discovered plenty of interesting features on offer to traders:

    • Daily Stop Loss – provides traders with a possibility to exercise control over traders on daily basis
    • Daily Investment – provides traders with the possibility to set the preferred amount they wish to invest on daily basis
    • Single Investment

    Trading amounts can also be set for available assets and with SignalSamurai that includes currencies.

    Naturally, once the account is set, the reception of signals can start. Signals will be visible and available on the dashboard.

    This is a very well-organized trading platform as all signals are given in boxes. In those boxes traders will see:

    • Asset Direction
    • Trading Amount
    • Expiry Time
    • Trade Button
    • Broker Name
    • Confidence Factor

    The Confidence factor is an interesting novelty which provides traders with info on safety of signal.

    Additionally, in our SignalSamurai review, we also noted they provide various strategies as well. This signals provider whose basis is an algorithm, uses various strategies when scanning the market.

    There is one trading strategy which is available with all types of SignalSamurai trading accounts and that is Shumu Strategy.

    The core of this strategy is in selling and buying specific underlying assets. It has been created on the basis of Kinjo Oda’s experience.

    Additional strategies are accessible with SignalSamurai Apprentice VIP Account.


     Apprentice VIP Account with SignalSamurai

    Another interesting proposition we discovered in our SignalSamurai review is Apprentice VIP Account. This is an option which all traders who deposit with two brokers have and wish to explore binary trading signals which are more advanced.

    Koudo Strategy is implemented with the Apprentice VIP Account and it was developed by considering the Fibonacci patterns.

    On the other hand, Akyo Strategy detects high trading volumes.

    Based on our SignalSamurai review, we believe SignalSamurai could be an interesting trading choice for binary options traders from all walks of life.

    Due to its user-friendly platform, various features and strategies and innovative approach it certainly presents an appealing option for traders from all over the world.

    For any further questions, traders are free to contact SignalSamurai customer support which is available via Live Chat.

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