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IQ Option Robots
Price: $10
Regulated Broker: Yes
Signals: Yes
BOR Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Download: No
Tested: No
Brokers available with IQ Option Robots
  1. IQ Robots is closed. 

    Known to global traders as a reviewed and reliable broker, it is hardly a wonder that IQ Option is a popular choice worldwide when it comes to binary option trading.

    IQ Option does present a very attractive package for global traders since this broker has its own proprietary platform, a minimum deposit of only $10 and now, they have also introduced their IQ Option Robots to the public.

    However, IQ Robots is no longer available on the market.

    Somewhat different to other robots which can be found on the market, IQ Option has made sure their trading software comes with a bit of a twist. Our IQ Option Robots review will give global traders an objective overview of this great new trading tool.

    How to Start Using IQ Option Robots?

    As a great benefit for all those traders who started trading with IQ Option, it was possible to create IQ Option Robots via IQ Option account so the process is that much more simple.

    For those traders who are new to the whole process but are interested in binary options trading and wish to start by IQ Option Robots, the account opening procedure was very simple. Global traders only had to click on the “register” icon which was easy to find in the upper right hand side of the platform.

    As we were compiling useful info for this IQ Option Robot review we also found out that traders could have connect by using social networks like Facebook and Google+.

    There has been also a standard list of information which had to be given and those include: last and first name, email address, traders’ password and, as the final step, a click which conforms that traders agree with Terms & Conditions set forward by the broker.

    Global traders should also note that the whole registration procedure is cost-free.

    Our IQ Option Robots review also confirmed that that there were 2 possible options once traders gain access to the trading platform: use demo account first or proceed to creating a completely new Robot.

    If worldwide traders first go for the demo account option, they had opportunity to use $1000 of virtual money so as to practice beforehand and gather some trading experience first. This was a great solution for all inexperienced traders.

    On the other hand, all those global traders who want to skip the demo account step could opt to either start trading with a Robot, an existing one created by other traders, and used in copy trading. Or, they coould try and create an IQ Option Robot by using Wizard.


    Check the Catalogue; Find an IQ Option Robots

    Opening the Robots Catalogue, global traders were able to find for themselves IQ Option Robot they like the most. A list of Robots which garner most profit will be offered to global traders and they can also elect some very specific features which can be found on the left-hand side.

    Catalogue filter will offer additional features such as option types (in this case Binary and Turbo), asset profit %, and a time period which includes options like 24h, 7 days, 30 days, within last month, 3 months, 6 months and, lastly, 12 months.

    Advanced search option can be used too, should global traders find Catalogue filter to be lacking, where they can go for various parameters which will suit them better.

    Brand New IQ Option Robots

    Having the opportunity to create a brand new IQ Option Robots was an exciting option for registered traders of IQ Option. Our IQ Option review discovered that traders had two options when it comes to creating their own brand new IQ Option Robots.

    One was designed to cater more to beginner traders – Wizard. The other, Constructor, was a far better choice for those traders which have already gathered experience.

    As we went further in our IQ Option Robot review and obtaining key info, we also found out that the minimum investment of just $1 was sufficient to start trading with IQ Robots.

    “How To” for the IQ Option Robots Wizard

    As we have already mentioned in this IQ Option Robots review, Wizard was here to help inexperienced traders find their way around using the IQ Robots. Registered IQ Option traders could pick a strategy they like and fine-tune the settings and then test the IQ Robot to see how it all works which is a pretty handy thing to be able to do.

    As far as strategy was concerned, traders could devise a new strategy or go for the existing one. To wrap up the whole process, traders had to come up with a name and they could note that the more original the name is, the more it will most likely be used.

    Additional perk, prior to publishing the created IQ Option Robot, was that traders could introduce further modifications until they were happy with the final result.

     “How To” for the IQ Option Robots Constructor

    More advanced and aimed at the experienced global binary options traders, Constructor was capable of creating a robot imprinted with more complexity hence more suitable for professional traders. iq-robots-constructor

    Following available as a choice for worldwide traders:

    • Tools: trading, mathematical, logical, information
    • Indicators: oscillators, trend etc.
    • Strategies: standard blocks, my blocks, signals, filters etc.

    A video tutorial was on hand to traders in order to ease the entire creation process. And, being a seasoned trader, knowledge to use various strategies and indicators is there and needs to be put to good use.

    General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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