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Fintech Robot
Price: Free
Regulated Broker: Yes
Signals: Yes
BOR Rating: Rated with 4.5 stars
Download: No
Tested: No
Brokers available with Fintech Robot
  1. 3Fintech, automated robot in the binary options trading, is another addition on the global market. Considering the rapid change of technology which keeps making trading robots better, we decided to present worldwide traders with Fintech robot review.

    Fintech Limited robot is so designed that global traders can start making profit at the very start of their trading, since the sum of up to $900 can be made via Fintech robot in only 60 minutes of trading.

    In order to get all the key points about Fintech robot, read our Fintech robot review and start this trading journey armed with all the vital data.

    Introduction to Fintech Limited Robot

    As a robot which uses state-of-the-art algorithms so as to deliver the best possible performance, Fintech quickly made its name on the global binary options trading market. Operated by financial experts, Fintech robot became available on the worldwide market in 2013. Since then Fintech Limited has been going from strength to strength.

    The first thing we shall address in our Fintech robot review is the registration process which is, as expected, straightforward and easy. Traders simply have to supply their email address and their name and that will provide the entry to the auto trading platform. Another perk which comes with Fintech robot is the fact that is free of charge – no fees for traders worldwide who wish to use this robot.

    Another benefit, which we discovered in writing this Fintech robot review, is that it can easily be used even by those global traders which possess little to no trading experience at all. The advanced technology does all the work, which means that traders needn’t possess any trading knowledge at all.  

    Trading Binary Options with Fintech Robot

    The research we conducted for our Fintech robot review, confirmed that this robot utilizes binary options trading signals. These signals have been created by experts in the field of online trading, which means that they possess the kind of knowledge necessary when it comes to predicting the direction of asset prices.

    Traders worldwide, who opt to use Fintech robot, will be able to forgo daily binary options update and news since the whole process is actually executed by the Fintech robot. Further research for this Fintech robot review, has also proved that the robot itself is convenient to be used regardless of traders’ background which helps considerably.

    this robot enables traders to trade with following reputable brokers: Banc de Binary, StockPair, Option.FM, Porter Finance,  Magnum Options, Stern Options  etc.


    The moment traders finish the registration process they will be switched to the control panel where they make the initial deposit and start putting Fintech robot to good use.

    The whole Fintech robot trading process is a straightforward operation which is consists of three simple steps:

    • Registration
    • Depositing the funds
    • Activating the trading software

    Minimum deposit needed to activate the Fintech robot is $250 while the currencies available to global traders are EUR, GBP, USD, JPY, CAD, AUD, BRL, ZAR and RUB.

    When it comes to withdrawing funds the process is just as simple with global traders having to submit the withdrawal request first.

    As we continued researching this robot for our Fintech robot review, we also found out it was possible to switch off the auto trading mode and simply go to manual trading which is another benefit for global traders.

    Trading Features of Fintech Robot

    Fintech robot is equipped with numerous trading features, with Trader Sentiment being one of them. This feature gives a precise percentage of all those registered Fintech traders who make use of either manual or automated trading. Based on this info, traders can monitor the percentage and calculate how successful a trade might be.

    In the course of compiling this Fintech robot review, we were also able to find out that both copy trading and social trading are supported by this robot.

    Considering the advanced technology used when it comes to auto trading, having the possibility to use mobile trading app for Fintech robot is a foregone conclusion rather than a pleasant surprise.

    Busy, active life is a hallmark of the 21st century and Fintech Limited is well aware of the fact hence using Fintech robot is possible on tablets and smartphones. It saves time, takes advantage of every opportunity and does not, really, interfere with daily obligations of global traders since binary trading is done on the go.

    Another important fact global traders must keep in mind is the quality of customer support. In this too Fintech is spot on since they provide professional, prompt customer support which can be reached via live chat or email.  


    To Use or Not to Use Fintech Robot?

    The main purpose of this Fintech robot review is to provide global traders with the overview of this automated binary trading software.

    We have found out that Fintech robot has been present on the global market since 2013 and it can be used, free of charge, by moth seasoned and novice traders.

    The process, from registration to trading, is simple and fuss-free, executed in three easy steps. What is more, their platform also supports numerous languages such as English, Arabic, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish and Portuguese which is great for traders around the world.

    We have, during the course of this Fintech robot review, discovered one possible shortcoming – inability to properly inspect the trading platform unless the deposit is made. While this is not an uncommon practice, perhaps it would be more encouraging to allow global traders to inspect the platform in more detail before depositing the funds.

    To conclude this Fintech robot review, we do find this binary options auto trading robot to be a safe choice for traders around the world.

    Registered traders can also make use of the useful info given in FAQ section but they can also use educational materials in order to obtain more knowledge which they can later use to secure more profit via trading with Fintech robot.



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