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Daweda Exchange ATS Auto Trading Software

Daweda Exchange ATS
Price: Free
Regulated Broker: Yes
Signals: Yes
BOR Rating:
Download: No
Tested: No
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  1. Daweda Exchange is a relatively new broker on the binary options market but it is already making its mark. This is a regulated broker which has now introduced Daweda Exchange ATS auto trading to their traders.

    This manner of trading is especially helpful for new traders which lack experience and, in most cases, basic knowledge too.

    The process of using Daweda Exchange ATS auto trading system is simple, especially if traders are already holders of Daweda Exchange trading account which may be used to carry out Daweda Exchange ATS log in.

    To make the whole process even easier for traders, there are five straightforward steps given on the Daweda Exchange ATS trading platform.

    Traders are able to adjust the settings according to their own preference which also provides the much needed sense of control despite this being and automated trading software.

    Once the settings have been fine-tuned by traders Daweda Exchange ATS software will embark on creating orders and submitting them to the broker platform. Traders are able to see at all times which trades have been opened in their account.

    Daweda Exchange ATS Auto Trading is a completely free software and there are no fees attached to its usage. Traders only need to fund their account with a minimum deposit of $250.

    Global traders also have an added benefit of being able to use a mobile trading app.

    As a regulated broker, Daweda Exchange platform has all the necessary protection put in place to keep traders’ personal and financial data safe (and that extends to their Daweda Exchange ATS automated trading platform as well.

    All funds are kept in a segregated bank account while the platform itself has SSL protection.

    Daweda Exchange ATS Demo Account

    Most regulated brokers provide their traders with the possibility to use the demo account. However, due to very nature of automated software, Daweda Exchange ATS does not have a demo account.

    This is not unusual as automated trading software in binary options industry does not offer demo accounts.

    However, if traders wish to get insight into what really happens in binary options trading they can do so with Daweda Exchange demo account.

    This demo account is completely free of charge and all traders need to do is to provide the broker with several basic information.

    The idea behind using demo account is for practising purposes and for traders to get holistic insight into the binary options trading process. Since funds on the demo account are not real but virtual, traders do not have to worry about losing money. Instead, they can focus solely on practising, learning, and gaining a deeper understanding of the very nature of trading binary options.

    So, despite the fact that Daweda Exchange ATS demo account does not exist as such, utilising demo account by Daweda Exchange broker traders still get more familiar with the trading and can learn as well as practice which can help them later on if they decide to try their hand at manual trading too.

    Benefits of Trading on Daweda Exchange ATS

    Binary options trading, although in its basic form simple, still requires some knowledge on the part of the trader in order to achieve profit. It is understandable that this might be a bit intimidating for novice traders which have very little knowledge and little to no experience at all.

    To further help traders in their pursuit of monetary gains, regulated broker Daweda Exchange also came up with Daweda Exchange ATS which is a 100% free automated software.

    Benefits of trading on Daweda Exchange ATS are numerous and may lead to excellent profits for registered traders. 

    Despite this being an automated trading software, traders are given plenty of flexibility. They can adjust the settings according to their liking after which the software begins trading on their behalf.

    In using an automated software, traders are not relying on their own assessment of the market but rather on the software will match traders’ orders against the best price orders present in the system.

    The speed of Daweda Exchange ATS is such that it cannot be matched by the manual form of trading which provides traders with the possibility of garnering healthy returns.

    Further benefits of trading on Daweda Exchange ATS is also due to the opportunity for traders to trade directly with other traders, and if traders opt to use this manner of trading flat rate of $0,5 will be charged for every contract.

    This software is suitable for both new traders as well as experienced ones.

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