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Daweda Exchange ATS Review

Daweda Exchange ATS
Price: Free
Regulated Broker: Yes
Signals: Yes
BOR Rating:
Download: No
Tested: No
Brokers available with Daweda Exchange ATS
  1. A brand name of Cypriot Companies Law, Daweda Exchange has appeared on the global binary options market in 2016.

    Great news for traders around the world is that this broker is regulated by CySEC and has a license number 289/16.

    As we conducted the review of this broker, we determined their trading platform is modern, easy to navigate and visually appealing, all factors contribute to a more successful trading journey.

    In the course of Daweda Exchange review, we also found out they offer an auto trading software solution – Daweda Exchange ATS – to further improve the trading experience of their registered traders.

    Those who are keen binary options traders are familiar with the enormous profitable potential of using a binary trading software.

    This Daweda Exchange ATS review shall focus on explaining what this robot offers to traders and how it is possible to profit by trading with this innovative software solution.

    What is Daweda Exchange ATS?

    daweda-exchange-logoAll those global traders who have selected Daweda Exchange for binary options trading will not only get a broker but an additional trading possibility in the form of their automated trading software.

    This option is made available to traders after they have a trading account on Daweda Exchange platform. Another benefit lies in the fact that traders may trade with other traders without any involvement on the part of the broker.

    By making use of Daweda Exchange ATS even those traders who are only starting out in binary options trading can be successful since this software places trades on their behalf.

    Novice traders often feel insecure about their trading decisions, so the whole trading process could be made much easier in using additional help in the form of Daweda Exchange ATS.

    Why Trade with Daweda Exchange ATS?

    During the course of writing and gathering info for our Daweda Exchange ATS review, we learned that traders have plenty of trading control as well as flexibility with this software. Traders are free to adjust trading preferences to their liking after which Daweda Exchange ATS continues the job of placing an investment on the trading platform.

    Traders who decide to trade with Daweda Exchange, not only trade with a regulated broker which provides more security and more transparency in business dealings, but with the addition of Daweda Exchange ATS they can also increase their profit.

    This is due to the fact that by using Daweda Exchange ATS, traders around the world have the opportunity to achieve the astounding 100% payback on successful trades carried out between them and other traders. Should they opt to trade in this way, a flat rate of $0.5 is charged for each contract.

    Note that Daweda Exchange ATS trading solution is not intended solely for novice traders but rather for all those traders who wish to do numerous traders and in doing so, also multiply the possibility to achieve higher gains.

    After all, experiencing various trading modes can be very helpful for future reference.

    Comparing the result obtained via trading binaries using the trading software and using the traditional manual trading with a broker can point traders in the right direction.

    Daweda Exchange ATS Trading Platform

    A user-friendly platform is one of the first things that attracts traders to a specific broker and Daweda Exchange ATS certainly grants their registered traders a platform which is easy to use regardless of the traders’ experience.

    All main tabs are located on platform’s upper part and under that there is a selection of expiry times available for selection.

    In Daweda Exchange ATS review we also found out a sum of $10 is the amount of minimum investment as well as the worth of each contract.

    All current trades are given under Open Positions.

    Furthermore, traders around the world may put educational materials on Daweda Exchange to good use and further improve their trading skills as well as the final outcome of trading.

    Another valuable source of information is their FAQ section which provides all viable information concerning trading.

    However, should traders encounter any problems, issues or additional questions they are free to contact their customer support service on [email protected]

    Great Trading Features on Daweda Exchange ATS Software

    Daweda Exchange ATS review can also confirm that this auto trading solution requires no additional fees and is thus free for traders worldwide.

    The simple registration process takes only minutes to finalise and traders have to deposit the minimum amount of $350 in the trading account.

    Considering this is a broker which has their own proprietary platform, global traders are free to select several binary contracts in order to trade as well as set a daily trade limit. daweda-mobile

    They can also select assets they wish to trade with and a strategy they wish to use.

    Once all this is selected, Daweda Exchange ATS will become activated and all traders will have to do is simply monitor while the automated software does all the work.

    Another great benefit we discovered during our Daweda Exchange ATS review is that traders can also use this trading software on the mobile app.

    The app is available to be used on Android and Apple devices respectively, it is simple to use and is suited for both professional traders as well as novices.

    By selecting to use Daweda Exchange ATS, global traders could secure lucrative trading results regardless of their experience.