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CopyOp Review

Price: Free
Regulated Broker: Yes
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BOR Rating: Rated with 4.5 stars
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  1. A social trading network owned by Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Ltd., CopyOp presents an exciting new way of trading binary options.

    To present global traders with all the interesting aspects this sort of trading enables, we put together a comprehensive CopyOp review.

    Info will be provided on essential segments of CopyOp as well as how to profit from this kind of binary options trading.

     How to define CopyOp?

    The simplest version is to call it a form of social trading which soon attracted interest and popularity from binary options traders around the world.

    The social aspect of this innovative trading solution allows traders to virtually socialise as well as copy each other trades if they believe them to be profitable.

    The biggest benefit of social trading is in the fact that it allows for observation of professional and profitable binary options traders so as to duplicate their trades.

    Furthermore, CopyOp is suitable for both novice and experienced traders. Lack of knowledge is not an impediment for all those who wish to try trading in binary options via CopyOp.

    CopyOp trading platform is powered by AnyOption.


    Registration Process for CopyOp

    In our CopyOp review, we also inspected their registration process and we are pleased to report the process is fairly straightforward so binary options traders should not have any issues with it.

    “Start Now” tab is the first step in initiating the registration process for CopyOp since that will open a window where traders have to put in their basic info: name, email, phone and lastly password and come up with a nickname.

    Another way of initiating the registration process is either through Facebook or, should they already have a trading account with AnyOption broker they can just log in via that account.

    The Principle of CopyOp

    The basic principle of CopyOp is to provide traders with the valuable opportunity to monitor and follow other traders who are carrying out trades in real time.

    That was traders around the world using CopyOp observe, learn and duplicate the trades of binary options traders who have more experience and knowledge. This is a brilliant opportunity for novice traders as they are in a unique position to learn and follow those who know how to trade binary options successfully and profit from it.

    What we found out in our CopyOp review is that a tool is provided which makes it possible for traders to copy other trades. The system functions in a way that it automatically makes a copy on traders’ behalf in a sense that it copies absolutely everything from level and direction of the trade down to the asset.

    Traders only need to select the amount they wish to invest as well as the number of trades they are interested in copying.


    Social Feed and CopyOp

    Real-time display which shows the general status and activities carried out by other traders is called the Social Feed.

    What binary options traders see when they click on Social Feed are three essential tabs called Feed, Hot and Explore.

    Another important detail we managed to discover in our CopyOp review is that global traders have the opportunity to connect via Facebook and also use some other options such as following, observing and copying trades done by professional traders.

    Best trades and traders can be monitored via Hot option.

    Another interesting and innovative thing we found out in the course of our CopyOp review is that this monitoring principle actually functions in both ways as traders get to monitor and copy each other. E.g. if trader A monitors trader B and all his activities, trader B can do the same thing.

    Social Feed will feature those trades and traders which are profitable and that can prove to be a lucrative opportunity as well since a trader whose trades are copied the most earn CopyOp coins. The coins can be converted into money later.

    CopyOp Trading Platform

    copyop_logo_224x90Hardly surprising, considering the innovative approach of the whole CopyOp trading platform, traders worldwide can enjoy the multilingual support as well.

    In fact, CopyOp trading platform supports languages such as French, Italian, Spanish, German and English.

    We have also determined in our CopyOp review, that in Social Feed tab, located on the right-hand side, global traders will be able to see various trades as well as assets which are available to be traded and which are ordered into four groups:

    • Indices
    • Commodities
    • Stocks
    • Currencies

    Window with a trading chart will appear the moment trader chooses an asset and they will immediately see how the price for this asset is behaving.

    Then they can choose to either carry out an original trade based on their own prediction or they can select to copy another trade done by some other CopyOp trader.

    Should they decide to copy another CopyOp binary options trader they will have to select the Social button which will provide the overview of the present social trading circumstances of CopyOp.

    Traders can also just monitor other CopyOp binary traders they find interesting. This is done in a way that a trader is notified each time their CopyOp trader does some trading activity.

    CopyOp Customer Support

    Having a professional, friendly and professional customer support is a staple of quality and CopyOp certainly made sure they deliver on this point.

    There are few ways for global traders to get in contact with CopyOp. copyop_logo_224x90

    So, it is possible to either use a basic web form or, for those who prefer email communication, they can do it via [email protected].

    It is also possible to find out plenty of details as well as most often asked questions in CopyOp FAQ section which we found to be very detailed and informative as we went through that section for our CopyOp review.

    CopyOp Banking Information

    Considered as an integral part of binary options trading, depositing and withdrawing funds are meant to be simple and safe.

    In our CopyOp review, we are happy to report that traders around the world needn’t worry since 128-bit SSL safety technology is used on the trading platform and as such it encrypts all data which is exchanged between the traders and the CopyOp trading platform. copyop-deposit

    As regards to the payment methods, global traders can use MasterCard, Visa cards and Amex and few debit cards. Bank wire transfer, as a more traditional form, is also an option.

    Once the funds are deposited, global traders are free to initiate CopyOp binary trading process. They are free to either copy other traders and their trading activities or they can select to place trades on their own.

    Currencies available are USD, EUR and GBP.

    Finally, as concerning CopyOp withdrawal, we are once again dealing with a simple process which acquires that traders log in into their account and press Withdrawal located under Banking tab.

    Minimum withdrawal amount is not set with CopyOp but traders ought to keep in mind that first monthly withdrawal is free while all the consequent ones are $30 or, optionally, depending on the currency being used, 25€ or 20£.