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Binary Signals Trader
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  1. A new and innovative binary trading signal provider, Binary Signals Trader is one of the new additions on the global financial market.

    Via this modern signal provider, traders worldwide shall be provided with the attractive opportunity to do binary options trading by investing funds in stocks and currency pairs.

    A brainchild of a professional trader Simon Russell who has years of experience behind him, Binary Signals Trader is presented as an interesting trading choice for global traders.

    In our Binary Signals Trader review, we shall outline aspects of interest to traders looking to engage in binary trading in which this signal provider trades on their behalf.

    Binary Signals Trader Info

    Carefully crafted and perfected by the trading expert Simon Russell, Binary Signals Trader is marked by a unique set of features.

    Another point in favour of this trading solution is the fact that it may be easily used by new traders as well as those who already have trading experience in binary options.

    According to our Binary Signals Trader review, there are some effective elements implemented with this signal provider:

    • Simple usage
    • Real-time signals access
    • Fit for inexperienced and professional traders alike
    • Up to 86% payout possible
    • Investment in stocks and currencies

    The Story of Binary Signals Trader

    In our Binary Signals Trader review, we found that the story of this interesting trading signal provider dates its beginning in 2008 when the world experienced one of the worst financial crises in history.

    Yet, some professionals fare well, and Simon Russell was among them.

    He decided then that he wanted to provide other people around the world with the possibility to benefit from his knowledge. Hence, Binary Signals Trader was created and made available to traders worldwide.

    Binary Signals Trader is specifically oriented toward trading stocks and currency pairs thus providing traders with a high probability of profit gain which may go up to 86% payout.

    Trading Features for Binary Signals Trader Signal Provider

    As we have mentioned above in our Binary Signals Trader review, this trading signal provider proclaims to have a very high winning ratio of 86%, which could be achieved due to a sophisticated trading system.

    The system used appears to be capable of delivering trading signals acquired by present market circumstances related to stocks and currencies.

    Naturally, the binary options signals are created in real time and it is this that provides the opportunity to turn trades into a profitable investment.

    Once created via careful scanning of multiple financial markets, signals are sent directly to the signal provider which then carries out selected currency pairs and stocks trades.
    What we discovered further in our Binary Signals Trader review is that trading dashboard appears to be user-friendly and effective which may prove to be very useful and handy choice for global traders, especially those who lack experience.

    What we discovered further in our Binary Signals Trader review is that trading dashboard appears to be user-friendly and effective which may prove to be very useful and handy choice for global traders, especially those who lack experience.

    Following features are presented on Binary Signals Trader dashboard:

    • Expiry times: 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 30 minutes and End of Day
    • Risk levels: Low / Medium / High
    • Strategy types: High-Frequency Trading or Correlation

    Traders are able to see a simple overview of trading segments within the trading area.

    Those segments include Connected Brokers, Manual Trading, Positions and Tutorial. The Positions tab is a place where global traders can monitor closed and open trades.

    The right-hand side of the dashboard is taken with a preferences button where a fine list of assets is listed. The upper part of the dashboard is taken with a list of available strategies, risk levels and times of expiry, as well as connected brokers traders signed up with.


    The Appeal of Binary Signals Trader

    A seemingly good choice for novice binary options traders, Binary Signals Trader responds to the increasing demand for binary trading system present on the financial market.

    This demand is closely linked to inexperienced traders as this manner of trading does not really depend on the trading experience.

    With a modern, attractive dashboard and a fine selection of options and features, Binary Signals Trader represents an interesting trading choice.

    This choice is made even more appealing via available feature which provides traders with a risk level which may be adjusted according to traders’ preference.

    Another benefit which was made obvious in our Binary Signals Trader review is the fact that global traders don’t need to download anything in order to trade currency pair and stocks. Traders may access this signal provider via browser and signals are free.

    Binary Signals Trader Contact

    All traders interested in trading binaries, are free to contact Binary Signals Trader customer support services. Agents will be happy to provide all info connected with this innovative and advanced trading solution.

    A trader can use this email [email protected] to establish contact.

    All interested traders will also have an opportunity to browse Binary Signals Trader Education section where a selection of useful material will be given.

    Education material includes:

    • FAQ section where a comprehensive list of most commonly asked questions is given along with detailed responses
    • Video Tutorials – video guides which are designed to lead and help traders to navigate and use Binary Signals Trader

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