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Is Binary Options Robot Genuine Software or Scam?

Binary Options Robot
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  1. Even with popular and often-used Binary Options Robot traders fear scam.

    Considering the rapid growth of binary options trading software on the global market this is to be expected.

    To provide global traders with a conclusive and detailed answer to the question is Binary Options Robot genuine software or scam, we will discuss most important elements.

    Starting with how to recognise genuine software characteristics as well as how to spot scam trading software.

    Further, we will also outline what makes Binary Options Robot a genuine software with particular emphasis on the trading settings and its VIP account.

    Genuine Software Characteristics

    It is not easy to spot what makes genuine software characteristics without some help and advice. So, the first thing to look for in the genuine software is whether traders need to pay for its use or not.

    The majority of genuine software is free and traders only need to make a deposit with connected binary brokers. This is the case with Binary Options Robot.

    The trading software is free and in order to initialize the binary options trading process traders have to make a deposit.

    Furthermore, among genuine software characteristics, traders should always look for a software which demands they be online for any binary options trading activities to happen. Traders should always be logged on and online and fully aware what trades are being carried out.

    The genuine software will be connected only to reliable and well-established binary brokers. As pointed out, global traders make the deposit with binary brokers and not with the trading software. When it comes to Binary Options Robot, they aim to be connected with regulated and efficient brokers.

    Additionally, a genuine software will also have unique trading features which serve to further boost chances of achieving a profitable trade.  

    With Binary Options Robot, global traders get to experience three unique features as well as options which allow them to specify the amount of funds they wish to invest per day as well as the number of trades they want the software to carry out.

    How to Recognise Scam Trading Software?

    Just as it is not always easy to recognise genuine software, traders can also use help on how to recognise scam trading software.

    The first clue pointing toward the scam trading software is the “too good to be true” promises.

    It is one thing to advertise that the trading software may secure good profits for traders and complete another to claim 100% winning rate on every trade.

    Another way how to recognise scam trading software is that traders are asked to pay additional fees for just about everything. From using the trading software itself, to using trading tools and features as well as additional types of accounts which might be available.

    With Binary Options Robot, traders only have to make a deposit while everything else is free of any fees.

    Possibly the most serious of transgressions often involved with scam trading software is the ones which claim traders need not be online for the software to carry out the trades.

    This is a sure sign on how to recognise scam trading software.

    Lastly, traders should be aware of which binary brokers are connected with the trading software as that can also be a clue on how to recognise scam trading software.

    Binary Options Robot Genuine Software

    Considering the previous paragraphs, answering the question is Binary Options Robot genuine software or scam becomes much easier. At this point, it is easy to see that Binary Options Robot genuine software claim is not disputable.

    From the fact that everything about this binary options trading solution is free and available to traders, to the fact that it has all been designed to boost the traders’ chances to achieve success.

    Binary Options Robot genuine software claim is firmly rooted in facts which include the free use of software upon initial deposit, advanced settings, free use of VIP account and features, a list of efficient binary options brokers.

    Also, traders have to be online and logged into their account for software to be active and lastly, their Auto Approval Benefit means that all generated signals need the explicit approval from the traders before Binary Options Robot can carry out trades on their behalf.

    Binary Options Robot Genuine Software Settings

    A question of is Binary Options Robot genuine software or scam can also be answered by closely inspecting the available settings.

    The beneficial aspect of this trading software is shown in Binary Options Robot genuine software settings and the flexibility of trading which comes with them.

    Often, the inexperienced traders feel that the best thing to do is to simply leave the default settings and do as many trades as possible to make profits.

    With Binary Options Robot, the approach is different. Traders are encouraged to adjust settings so that they work to their own benefit.

    With Binary Options Robot genuine software settings, global traders can adjust everything, from the amount they wish to trade daily with Daily Stop Loss to how many trades per day traders want to be placed with Max Daily Trades. Traders may change and adjust these settings whenever and however they want.

    The same can be said for the variety of underlying assets available with this genuine software. There are more than 50 available to traders and those are sorted in commodities, stocks and currencies. Traders are free to activate as many underlying assets as they want.

    In fact, the higher the number of activated underlying assets the higher the number of generated signals.

    Correspondingly, the more chances traders have to have profitable trades.

    Finally, Binary Options Robot genuine software settings are cemented by their outstanding VIP account which is free and available to all traders the moment they make a deposit with one of the connected binary brokers.

    No Scam with Binary Options Robot VIP Account  

    In our final paragraph, the search to find the answer is Binary Options Robot genuine software or scam rounds up with the VIP account available.

    With three advanced and well-developed features, it becomes easy to see that there is no scam with Binary Options Robot VIP account.

    The VIP account is available to traders the moment they make a deposit with one (or more) brokers without any additional cost.

    The available features include Risk Level, Expiry Times and Trading strategies.

    With Risk Level, traders get to choose among 4 different levels of risk which is fantastic for beginners who tend to be extra careful.  With Expiry Times, it is possible to opt for either 60 seconds or Daily Trades which has longer expiry times.

    And finally, with Trading Strategies, global traders can activate five different strategies each with its own set of algorithms to further boost chances for profits.

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