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Binary Options Robot
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Brokers available with Binary Options Robot
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  1. Thanks to popularity of binary options trading, more and more people around the world became interested in this new online trading business.

    So it didn’t came as surprise when we heard of binary auto trading and useful auto trading solutions.

    Binary Options Robot established itself as great auto trading product on financial market.

    Below in our Binary Options Robot review, we will provide more information on how to register and characteristics of this amazing auto trading software.

    According to the review, Binary Options Robot offers its software for traders around the world, however, not available for US clients.

    Binary Options Robot Auto Software

    Binary Options Robot is an automated trading software that places trades on behalf the traders.

    Registration with Binary Options Robot is completely free and great news to all traders is that requires absolutely no download!

    Binary Options Robot is definitely highly developed automated software which offers excellent opportunity to earn money without special trading experience. Therefore, it is great choice for inexperienced traders.

    What we find excellent with Binary Options Robot is the fact this binary auto robot is 100% controlled by its traders!

    It means that traders need to click on Auto Trade Approval in order to accept or decline a strading signals. This opportunity provides them greater control over their trading account.

    How to Use Binary Options Robot Software?

    Binary Options Robot collaborates with the best trustworthy brokers in binary industry. Here is the list of available brokers:

    Above mentioned brokers in our Binary Options Robot review are tested and recognized as popular choice for trading binary options. These brokers offer trading services on European, Asian and African market.

    Once traders register with Robot, this software will automatically assign them a best suitable broker. Trading instruments and services depend on selected broker.

    Minimum required deposit to start trading with Binary Options Robot is $250 and lowest investment amount is $1.


    Binary Options Robot registration process is simple and traders who join Robot dashboard shouldn’t have any difficulties.

    For registration to be completed, traders have to provide their first name, last name, email, password, country and selected currency.

    Afterwards, they are ready to start trading binary options with this automated software.

    Each broker has its own trading instruments and features available, such as different deposit and investment amount, payout amount and different trade options. Above in our Binary Options Robot review, we have listed trusted brokers that are connected to Robot.

    How Binary Options Robot Works?

    Robot_Toon_Character-36-105x1501This auto trading software works based on binary signals. Binary trading signals are alerts created by mathematical calculations. Signals are therefore created based on current situation on financial markets.

    These mathematical alhorithms generate signals and send them to Robot that afterwards places trades. One thing is especially important regarding signals, which means that signals have to delivered in real time.

    Otherwise, there is no use of them. Robot signals have high success rate between 70-80% and that is definitely one of the main reasons why traders worldwide choose Binary Options Robot for their binary auto trading journey.

    Binary Options Robot is consisted of many useful tools that make this auto trading software superb. Traders worldwide can customize settings in order to get the most from binary options trading, according to their preferences. All trading features are listed in drop down menu on dashboard.

    Binary Options Robot enables traders different features which can be used in the auto trading process:Robot stop loss

    • Daily Stop-Loss feature
    • VIP account

    Daily Stop-Loss Feature

    This feature is a great example of money management plan due to the fact it limits amount of possible money loss per day. Traders are able to set preferred number of trades and amount of money.

    With daily Stop-Loss feature implemented, it is impossible to loss all invested money, which is excellent news for all traders. Traders only have to activate it and then trading process becomes even more secure.

    Extraordinary VIP Account 

    Traders who want to experience the most from this exquisite automated software have possibility to register for VIP account.

    VIP account enables a wide selection of useful and profitable features that are customized and this way, provide more privileges to traders. Also, traders can trade with more than one broker, which is great since there is higher probability to earn money.


    Binary Options Robot Customer Support

    One of the main characteristics when trading with Binary Options Robot is their customer support service.

    Traders can contact them through web online form and live chat.

    Customer agents are ready to answer all questions regarding Robot features and binary auto trading. They are very dedicated and educated in order to assist traders with all important information, they might have.

    On Robot dashboard in upper right corner, traders can check their FAQ section, consisted of many useful tips to successful binary options journey.

    Also, it is important to mention that this automated software offers multilingual platform, available on English, Italian, German, French, Danish, Spanish, Croatian, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Cantonese, Bulgarian, Czech, Portuguese, Polish, Slovenian, Dutch, Hungarian, Chinese, Turkish, Hindi, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.


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